Monday, March 27, 2017

TFBT: quotes and LInks VI

Remus had Twin Sons, Also Suckled by a She-Wolf

Ref, the chariot race the polarity of the Nestor and Achilles reflects that of heroic values (bie and metis).

Recorded video conversation with Professor Leonard Muellner and Hero 25 participants on the Embassy scene.

Recorded Hour 25 discussion on "Rhesus" by Euripides

“Reasonable no heed at all to the abduction of women...for they would not be abducted unless they wanted it.” Herodutus 1.4

Reading the Odyssey 1.1-21: with Frame, Nagy and Muellner  

Reading Homeric Greek: "Odyssey" 1.136-143, with Gregory Nagy, Muellner and Frame

Read the Essay by Mary Lefkowitz; “A Stranger Comes to Thebes”.

Read Online! “;The Aethiopis: Neo-Neoanalysis Reanalyzed” by Malcolm Davies

Read Hesiod's Cosmos by Jenny Strauss Clay. | Questia, Your Online Research Library:

Read Euripides';”Medea”; with actor Paul O'Mahony

Re: the Iliad "529 instances of...abstract nouns in speech(es), as against 90 in narrative (the Poet)"

 Quiz on Zeus' sons and Penelope.
Quiz on Rubens' abduction in Prado.

"Q; Why is a Greek temple a good place that sleep?
A; You can lay your head on a pillar"

"Q; Why did the kitchen cleaner's job remind her of the Iliad?
A.  It was a study in ancient grease

"Q; Why did Odysseus, Ajax and Phoenix walk out of the bar where Achilles worked? 
A: Achilles was lyre-ing at them"

"Q; How do you greet Cerberus?
A; Hello, hello, hello!

"Q;  what did Polyphemus say to his sweetheart?
A;  You are the one-eye care for.

"Q;  What did one greek god call out to the others?
A;  Are you deaf or can you eros?

Pythian 3.83  “Fools make nothing of either.(good or bad)  The noble turn both to advantage folding pain within & showing beauty without." 

Pythian 3.21  " men which dishonors what is at home and looks far away, hunting down empty air with hopes that can't be fulfilled."

Pythagoreans: they could not only hear daimones, but even see them,

Prolegomena to a Study of Eros on Roman Provincial Coinage: Introduction

Project: "Antigone" in High School

Professor Gregory Nagy discusses with Hour 25 the epic cycle, through the metaphor of the chariot wheel

Professional Nagy and Friends discussing ring composition among other things.

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