Thursday, March 23, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links II

What do we think about this premise?   Among the Olympians there is a deep-set prejudice against the Pontides and other water-gods. 

What a great discussion on the Homeric Questions with Leonard Muellner
Were their tigers in Ancient Thessaly?
Well-known...older pattern...found in Homer...Apollo’s Panhellenic displacement of/syncretism w/epichoric rivals.
 We need to be careful about saying "God can't."   Christ in our Home

We just celebrated my 61st birthday.  As to turning 60, I can quote Frank Sinatra; "It poured sweet and clear, it was a very good year.

We had a great dialogue with Prof. Gregory Nagy.

“We eat to live? Yes, surely.  But why then did the immortal gods also come to the table and twice a day?” Leon Abric per Adam Gopnik

We are many, but we shall speak briefly. The Eumenides 585

Voltaire; “What branch of literature you have devoted yourself?"" 

Visiting Scholar Timothy Power at CHS on Feb 25.

Visiting Scholar Maria Schoina at Center for Hellenic Studies, which awards such grants each term.

Various video presenation byvisiting scholars with the Kosmos Society
Video CHS Open House: Tragic Visualizing in the Iliad with Laura Slatkin

Video Dialogue: The Odyssey and Breaking Bad, with Joel Christensen.

Video conference with Douglas Frame and Hour 25.

Video chat open to all with visiting scholar Douglas Frame.

Very convincing piece on Helen in Egypt by Guy Smoot
Upon meeting his son for the first time, “I thought then, & I think now, that this day  was one of the happiest I have ever spent.” Casanova 

Unveiling the erotic mysteries at the heart of Homer’s Odyssey

Unflattering review of Ovid Chapters 12&13

Under Discussion: The theōriā and the Ship of Theseus

Under Discussion: Composition-in-Performance and Micronarrative
Tyro, rejoice in all good will; the embraces of the gods are not fruitless, and you will have fine twins...I am... Poseidon, OD 11.249

Typhon is known to both Homer & Hesiod as a traditional character, as the use of the word "pasi", people say, indicates. Joan V.O’Brien

Two very important people in my life considered-Herodotus as an invaluable aid to the comprehension of life. Jing-reed

"Twas the face that launched a thousand ships, And burnt the topless towers of Ilium

Tuscans and Neanderthals?

Trends in the language classicists speak; Jupiter/Zeus/Jove.

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

Tom Brokaw, dumbfounded by how badly the press predicted the results of the Presidental election; “I guess we didn’t have any experts west of the Hudson River.”

Tom Brokaw on Trump’s victory; “People were so desperate for change they were willing to pull the pin on the hand-grenade."

To try is one of the first proofs the human spirit can give of its divine essence, to suceedis the last. Dumas in Caucasia 

To maintain their private knowledge, they drew boundaries between themselves and those without their experiences. Gregory Wayne Walker 2008

To conquer a city is to loosen her veils

“To build a name to shine beyond all hope, all envy, all desire, whose short-lived splendor shall outlast the world." AG Butler 

Tim Curry Discusses The Rocky Horror Picture Show, During the Week of Its Release (1975)

Thrice-born;1st, born as Zagreus; 2ndly born prematurely as a 7 months' child at the death of Semele & 3rdly born maturely from Zeus' thigh

Thoughts on Irony in Medea.

Thou, a man, canst not pollute what is of God.

Those who can, do.  Those who can't, criticize

those gods  who are below with Kronos would have come to hear of the fight between us  Iliad 15.225

This, say our Sages, was the reward for having previously hidden his face, lest he should gaze at the Eternal.

This was the entrance to Hades before the boundaries of the bronze age world expanded

"This project explores the cult of the Great Gods of Samothrace. Its initiates did travel more safely at sea?

They were the finest children that were ever born in this world, and the best looking, famous Orion only excepted; Odyssey 11.309

They went on till bravely, boldly, battle-victoriously, boastingly, blade-redded, they reached the fair plain of Emain.

They mourned for Patroklos, that was their pretext, but they were all mourning...for what they really cared for in their sorrow Iliad 19:302

they loved him as men love a free-following fountain or a tree that provides them fruit and a welcome patch of shade. Dumas in Caucasia

They fought the fiercest tribes of centaurs utterly overthrew them. I (Nestor) came from distant Pylos, and went about among them, (iliad 1.267)

They did no wrong to me. Never drove off my cattle nor laid waste the harvest, for ¦between us (lay) shadowy mounts and sounding sea IL 1:154 

Thetis is "an alternative structure of cosmic relations one that was neither overthrown by the Olympian order...nor upheld by it". Slatkin 

THESEUS Dost thou suppose the gods attend to these thy threats?
Theseus and Perithous playing dice for Helen.

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