Thursday, March 23, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links I

Just quotes and links I find interesting
Zielinski’s Law; Homeric narrative always moves forward. Homer represents simultaneous actions as sequential and rarely notes simultaneity.

Zeus...the tragedians did not present him on stage.

Zenobius 3.42 “Praise any gift someone gives you.”

Yugoslavian poet to Parry "Sung songs are truer.  Dictated songs are finer."   from "The Trojan War" by Carol G.Thomas & Craig Conant

 Professors Nagy and Muellner discussing Achilles response to the Ambassadors in Book IX tomorrow 1100 EDT

“You who to me are father, mother, brother, and dear husband.” Iliad 6:431

You know you're in trouble; when you leave her house and travel 60 miles on the interstate before you realize you are going the wrong way.

You know you are in trouble when; she says, you can tell her anything and you believe her.

You know you are going to be in trouble when; you leave your buddy's birthday with his girlfriend.

You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20

You can’t always stay on the summit. So what’s the point? Only this: what is above knows what is below, Rena Daumal

 Yigael Yadin discusses the lost book of the Bible referenced in 1 Chr. 28:19"

Yes, there are other forms of fortune; many are the roads success travels in a god’s companionship. Pindar Olympian 8

Ye do not give up your noble ways; better men’s resentment than their pity Pindar Pythian 1

Ye Argive spirits, to whom I offer this victim, open wide the void of Tartarus, bring forth the Avenging Furies, lo! Creon comes!  THEBAID

Writing with technical accuracy never attained its author’s eternal glory.

Writers!  A commandment for you! "And the Lord replied:'Write down the revelation  and make it plain on tablets.'"  Habakkuk2:2

Wrapping your cruel thoughts in soft words.

 Without Schliemann we would know nothing of the city that many believe is the site of the real Troy."Nick McCarty
Without brotherhood, without tradition, without heath is he who desires cruel war within the people.  The Iliad

With global warming, the invasive species of today are the ecosystems of tomorrow

Winkler's Law; wherever in Homeric poetry a female character is described with beautiful ankles, (she) is about to save a male character.

  "Why People Need Epics: Terming and Learning from the Divine Yet Human
Why don't you come up sometime and see me?
Why did Themis and Zeus chose Thebes and Troy as the sites for the extermination of the Heroic Generation of humanity?   

"Why am I like a moored ship, With cords ...Why to this shattered pillar am I bound?” Eur. Heracles: 1094-1096)

Who blinded Homer?  Achilles or Helen?

“When you have heard my story, admonish; till then, forbear.”  Oedipus at Colonus 593

When Circe transforms Odysseus men (Od 10:395) "and they became men again, younger...and much taller and better looking.   

When a girl has..."adventures" one may safely say that she has courted them, for it is easy to be discreet in all countries if one wishes. Casanova

What's in a Name? Discussion on Greek Heroes naming their children after their own most famous attributes.  

What Would Plato Tweet?  Great article!

"What were all the world’s alarms
To mighty Paris when he found
Sleep upon a golden bed
That first dawn in Helen’s arms?"

What they say to be politically correct; "inadequate conditioning of employee"
What they means; Can't fix stupid!

What stone did not mourn, when mighty Hades tore her from her husband’s arms?  Julian of Egypt AP 7.599

What is recurrent in ritual is timeless in the epic tradition, just like the " kleos aphthiton" of Achilles. 6.30

what if...this whole...series of 2 eternal songs are not of a single poet whom we are...crediting for...genius

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