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TFBT: Quotes VII

Priam; "in the end fierce hounds will tear me in pieces at my own gates. " Iliad XXII 66

Priam in Iliad 3:160 “I lay no blame upon you, it is the gods, not you who are responsible. “

Agamemnon 19:8 “It was not I who was responsible.”

“Press close to me on either side, children, cling to your father.”  Oedipus at Colonus 1113 http://t.co/aREt4iLw8W

Madeleine Goh's chariot races at IOA-CHS Symposium; http://t.co/VD6XPRko

“Poseidon is a resentful god whose persectuion of Odysseus is an obscure reflection of his resentment against Zeus.”  Eva Brann, 

Polyphemus; fashioned like a wondrous monster, a wooded peak, a man
-mountain which rears head &  shoulders over the world.  (Odyssey)
Polydeuces chose the life of Castor, who had perished in battle. (Nemean 10.59)

Plutarch's "On the Malice of Herodotus" https://t.co/BVq6V56nuN

Plato & Aristotle, in whose writings...Homer as an artisan who ˜makes, and who is never pictured as one who writes. 

Physiognomy, like every other human science, is but a passing fable.  Donald S. Lopez Jr.  (Parabola Winter 2012/13)

"PHILOCTETES; Thou talkst of cowards.  Where is that worthless wretch, of readiest tongue, Subtle and voluble?

Philoctetes also calls Odysseus a bastard when he refers to him as â man bought by Laertes, the son of Sisyphus. http://t.co/UbJ0DTz1QR
Patroclus...even in death...the breath... that animates Achilles himself. That's about as intimate a relationship as you can imagine.  Nagy 

passed to the dank house of chill Hades, and left no name: W&D 154

Paris is responsible for the Trojan predicament, but Hector is responsible Troy Tobias Myers

“or...to indulge in those injurious looks which cannot fail to be offensive, although they inflict no positive penalty.”Pericles 

One hundred and ten or so generations separate us from Homer  page 107 Homeric Moments, Eva Brann,

Once all the villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all the people gathered,  but only one boy came with an umbrella. 

On the right the shrub-clad folds fell into a deep valley.

Olympian 1.83 “Since all men...die, why should anyone sit stewing an inglorious old age in the darkness, with no share of any fine deeds?

Olympian 1.52 "For me it is impossible to call one of the blessed gods a glutton. I stand back from it."

Olympian 1.25 Pelops w/whom...Poseidon fell in love, when Clotho took him out of the pure cauldron, furnished with a gleaming ivory shoulder

Olympian 1.114 “the peak of the farthest limit is for kings. Do not look beyond that!” 

Of Homer; "the blind singer of Chios, whose songs will win universal approval " https://t.co/RMU6hZargg
Of Heracles’ grief Theseus says “This is the language of an ordinary person.”  1248  http://t.co/yIeo6gCGRo

Of Hector, “In Chaucer’s words, the verray parfit, fentil knyght.”  Page 95 Homeric Moments, Eva Brann,

Of Clytemnestra “She has a fiery heart, the determined resolution of a man.”   Aeschylus' Agamemnon

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. https://t.co/tJ5JygexBE

Of Agamemnon; “hurled headlong from the heights of kingship in Argos to the nethermost misery of Hades” Stamatia Dova,  Greek Heroes in and Out of Hades 

Odyssey 19 “for you must have had father and mother of some sort; you cannot be the son of an oak or of a rock.”  (ie demigod.)

Odyssey 13.300 “ Did you not know ... me, who have been ever with you, who kept watch over you in all your ordeal?”

“Odysseus was  seeking to achieve the safe homecoming of his companions: but they perished.” (Odyssey 1:6)

Odysseus kills roughly as many suitors in the Odyssey as Achilles does Trojans in the Iliad - J. Marks 

Odysseus has Achilles say he would rather live the lowliest serf than to be dead& ;the king of shades (Odyssey xi 489-491). Odysseus lies.

Odysseus goes into the wilderness to pray.  His men partying with Helios cattle. (Odyssey12:334)  Hmm. Kind of like Moses & the Hebrews?

Odysseus 19:24 “a herald... Eurybates; and Odysseus honored him above his other comrades, because he was like-minded with himself.”

OD 2.10 “he went to the place of assembly spear in hand not alone, for his two hounds went with him.”  Odd image. Seen it elsewhere?

Nymphs... messengers of the...deities...between them and... men...compassionate, loving and beneficent friends of (men). WC Perry

Now, may I find words at my finger-tips Pindar Olympian 9:81 http://t.co/0RvW9UZjZ9

Not that I have already obtained this or have already reached the goal; but I press on to make it my own, " Philippians 3:12

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. https://t.co/tJ5JygexBE

No mortal has yet been able to lift the veil that covers (Medusa) because she was Death and to see her face was to die."  B. Walker 1983

"No man has been, is or will be more blessed that you. Achilles." Odyssey 11.482-
No legal system singles out lesbianism http://t.co/29oNJ39how

No human being is completely nameless (base or noble) once he is born... all human beings parents... assign a name.  Od 8.552-4

no god actually dies in the Iliad. Yet, several divinities experience something very similar to death. Lorenzo F. Garcia Jr. 

Neoptolemus is willing to sacrifice glory for friendship.” http://t.co/UbJ0DTz1QR

Neoptelomus; “Rather, much rather would I fall by virtue than rise by guilt to certain victory.” (Sophocles Philoctetes 94-95)

Nemean 5 “Not every truth you know is the better for showing its face in the light and keeping silence if often the wisest thing for a  man"

My translation can't be right!  “In water you write the thoughts of women?”  Tutor says “More than right."

My pilot use to say "At 27000 feet it is always sunny

"My mother took her scarf off her head...lifted it up to the sky, holding it in both hands as if it were an offering. http://t.co/5mehhUThEs

My barber, who is a fishwife, says, "Fishermen are just l
oggers on boats."
"Mr P, Whats for dinner Mrs. Polyphemus?  Mrs. P.  Dear I thought we'd invite Odysseus to dine w/us." 

Moreover, I have withdrawn the veil from your eyes, that you know gods and men apart.  Iliad 5.137-128 

Mimermus of Colophon; “Dawn, the early child.”  Hmm, does that make Eos the first born Hyperionide? http://t.co/6fLR861rEv

Michael Apostolios, 8.66 "Heraklean bath.” (applied to people who take gifts. Hephaistos gave a bath to Herakles as a gift.)  

Michael Apostolios 1.82  "The Graces are Naked: (Hence it is right to give thanks for a gift without envy or vanity.)  

Medea’s marriage to Jason began, in a significant reversal of,,,traditional procedures w/his supplication of her.  http://t.co/UbJ0DTz1QR

Medea “I would rather go to the front of battle three time, my shield on my side, that give birth once.” http://t.co/ZDNoZ9m9eE

Maya M refers to the children of Nyx as the bioweapons in Pandora's jar.   http://t.co/yPA1Rmxj0d

May the Moirai (Fates) turn away in disgust if any enmity between kinsmen spoils their regard for one another.  Pindar Pythian 4

Marton told Nanette that I could not possibly be ignorant of what takes place between young girls sleeping together. http://t.co/cwp0uukP0u

Madam Manzoni...believing in an immutable destiny, took pleasure in turning the leaves of the great book of fate," Casanova

Lyssa; "Illustrious is my lineage, sprung from Night, my mother, and the blood of Uranus.”  line 843 Heracles by E http://t.co/yIeo6gCGRo

"Lyssa ""I call you Helios to witness that I do what I wish not to do "" (Eur. Hér: 858-860)

Luc Ferry hints Athena helped Asclepius defy Zeus w/”precious viaticum” , so she was also the source of the fire & arts Prometheus gave us 

Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship https://t.co/tJ5JygexBE

Lorenzo F. Garcia Jr; "at the very moment that the text affirms Hades and Ares as immortal, it raises the specter of their virtual deaths"

Long-haired Semele, dying in the thunder-roar lives among the Olympians beloved of Pallas and Zeus.  Pindar Olympian 2 

like a young fawn dropped but lately still a nursling, who has lost her antlered mother in the forest and is overcome with panic. Anacreon

Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death! https://t.co/tJ5JygexBE

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