Friday, March 31, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and LInes Part X

Hippolytus; "No god who is miraculous by night pleases me."   I guess he didn't like Santa Claus either.  Another mistake!

High up on our left rose the perpendicular walls of the misty hill, fringed with tufted pine,

HH to Apollo 114 "They went their way, like shy wild-doves in their going."

Hesiod’s claim that “men and gods are born from the same place” according to West, is that they started on the same terms” (West 1978:178)

Hesiod established (the) theomorphic standard of appearance... human beings are anthropomorphic because they resemble the gods. J S-Clay

Heroicus4.9 Change your dress! I heard this ... but did nothing; afterwards...I understood that he was commanding me to change my way life. 

Heroicus 3.2 Lead the way; I will follow even beyond the interior of Thrace.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Here's a bad idea; Athens to Sparta "For it has always been the law that the weaker should be subject to the stronger.”  Thucydides.

Heracles cults are spread througout almost the entire Greek world - Crete is the only notable exception.

Heracles contained the potential to shatter the limits of Greek Religion.

Heracleidae; a patronymic from Heracles, those descendants of the hero who... invaded and took possession of Peloponnesus.

Hera’s prediction of the marriage of Achilles and Medea in the Elysian Fields, the traditional abode of the blessed

Hera kindled in...the demi-gods a sweet all conquering passion to sail aboard the Argoto win a cure for death itself in renown. Pythian 4

Hephaistos, the violent obstetrician

Hephaestus, the crippled magician.

Hephaestus refused to listen to any other of the gods save Dionysus...making him drunk Dionysos brought him to heaven. Pausanias,1.20.3

Helen was carried off by Paris when she was sacrificing to the Thyiades & Leucothea.  LYCOPHRON, ALEXANDRA  102 ftnote 5, transl. A. W. Mair

Helen speak of Achilles, "as the new Mortal, shedding his glory, limped slowly across the sand."

“Helen seduced Odysseus at Troy! by bathing and oiling him and his telling her all the Greeks plans.” Homeric Moment by Eva Brann

Helen is conceived through Zeus’ union with Leda at the boundary where the slow river/ meets the tide.

Helen can assert hers and Paris’ transgressions and...grievous consequences exit to satisfy the needs of the poetic medium. Tobias A. Myers

Hektor is the only Trojan in the Iliad who is described as "equal to Zeus in wisdom" 8.8

Heard a cannery worker on the street say, "They're working me like a Hebrew Slave."

Hear me, bright children of Earth and Heaven, that I may say what my heart within me bids."  Hesiod, Theogony 644

He who sows destruction reaps destruction. Euripides The Daughters of Troy

He was a burning and a shining light: and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.  John 5:35

He speaks to the point unfailingly w/gentle respect. He stands out among those assembled. As he walks thru the city they look on him as a god

He said and nodded with this shadowy brows, waved on the immortal head the ambrosial locks and all Olympus trembled at the nod.  Iliad 1.527

HD describes Helen upon an Egyptian shore where... The sea at the lowest tide and the Nile flowing over the sand.

Halo?  Zeus seated on topmost (Mt.) Gargaros with a fragrant cloud encircling his head as with a diadem." Iliad 15: 153

Hall’s; The Return of Ulysses and sonnet by Millay identifying Chaos rather than Proteus as the writers antagonist.

Google Ngram Viewer The three great Athenian Tragedians via @orwant

Gods are not anthropomorphic.  Men are theomorphic.

Gleanings on Jorgensen’s Law:

Give me a man short and squarely set upon his legs, a man full of heart, not to be shaken from the place he plants his feet. Archilochus

Giovannini 1969:67, areas not included in the travels of Pythian Apollo correspond to the areas not included in the Catalogue of Ships

George M. Calhoun, every meal was a sacrifice and an act of worship, and every sacrifice a meal.

Garden gnomes descended from priapai?!

Gaia's line(age)remains separate from Chaos’ “ intercourse between 2 fundamentally opposite cosmic entities impossible”


  1. "Hesiod’s claim that “men and gods are born from the same place” according to West, is that they started on the same terms” (West 1978:178)"

    I find this absurd. The puzzling short remark of Hesiod is between two long passages, one of which states that Zeus conceived evil for humans and hid the fire from them, and the other details the divine creation of subsequent generations of humans, and the destruction of one of these generations by the same gods because humans neglected their duty to sacrifice.

    The "same place" remark would be more appropriate for the Theogony, where one could interpret some lines as evidence that both gods and humans ultimately originate from Gaea. However, in this poem as well, the first meaningful thing we hear about humans is that they were summoned to Mecone to decide what exactly they were to sacrifice.

    Right from the beginning, humans were obliged to sacrifice in order to have their lives spared. You cannot say that two communities start on equal terms if one of them can exterminate the other, and the other is forced to ransom their lives over and over again.

  2. "Here's a bad idea; Athens to Sparta "For it has always been the law that the weaker should be subject to the stronger.” "

    I am afraid that it is not an idea (good or bad) but rather a fact.

  3. Maya,

    It is not always a fact. Many sacred independent places have been protected by stronger nations without being overly subject to the wimps of greater power; Delphi and Vatican City. Small nations survive; Monaco, San Marino, Andorra.

    I like that.