Thursday, March 23, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links III

Thersites: An Unbridled Tongue

“Thersites was of measureless speech & lame having laughed at Achilles' love for Penthesilia  was killed by him”

“There is...the possibility that...the other Olympians will form an alliance w/...the pre-Olympians.”   B. Satterfield's Burial of Hektor, p164

There is longing even for woes.

“There is also the grave of Phaedra, not far from the tomb of Hippolytus, which is a barrow near the myrtle.” Pausanias [2.32.4]  Hippolytus has got to be turning over in his grave!

“There came to Ilion the spirit of unruffled calm, a delicate ornament,  darter of soft glances, love's flower that stings the heart.” Aesch.Aga.

There are some, utterly shiftless who always look ahead, scorning the present.  Pindar Pythian  3

“There are in my quiver many swift arrows, striking to the wise, but the crowd needs interpreters.” Pindar Olympian 2

Then reaching out against [Aphrodite], the son of great-hearted Tydeus wounded the top part of her delicate hand" Iliad V 335-336

“Then down over her eyes came the darkness of night, and enfolded her, and she fell backward and gasped forth her spirit.”  Il 22:466

“Then (Zeus) loosed from destructive bonds his father’s brethren, the sons of Heaven,  whom his sire had bound in his folly.” J. Banks

 “Their persecutions caused his manuscript works to become precious. They ought to have been aware that despised things are forgotten.” Casanova on the books on the Index

“ agreed with me and said...I was quite right…the best way to make me do ultimately whatever he liked.”

“The wish for healing has ever been the half of health.”  Seneca

“The wind spoke, the leaves murmured and the water bubbled up from the rocks, filling the night with meaning.” Geldard

“The ways of art are steep.” Pindar Olympian 9

 The use of "duals" in the Embassy Scene or how to insult the third  guy in the room and get away with it.

The true meaning of the Ancient Greek word, "mythos".
 The Tree of Languages Illustrated in a Big, Beautiful Infographic
The Titaness Dione; “Many of us who have our homes on Olympos endure things from men.” Homer, Iliad 5. 382

The tee-shirt Lacoon and his sons wore on that fatal day

“The Sun ascended the all-copper sky to shine on both immortals and the mortal people of the life-giving earth”

“The stars in the western sky dive into the great River Ocean as Helios' chariot arises in the east.”

“The second generation Titans who opposed Zeus were all of "mixed-blood". The pure blood titans like Hecate and Helios joined the Olympians.”

The an enemy if he is acting nobly,we should offer full-hearted praise & that most justly. Pindar, Pythian9.94 

“The requirement of the hero's dictated not so much by the narrative traditions of epic but by the ritual traditions of cult.” Nagy

“The program of the Iliad, which is equated with the Will of Zeus.”  Chapter 5, §16  Best of the Achaeans, Nagy

  Q: Why a gap between B and D? 
  A: To leave room for the wine-dark C."

"The phrase ‘stood upon it’ indicates the permanence and constancy of God.”"

The 'penthos' of Thetis (equals) that of her son, whose final 'penthos' over the death of Patroclus drives...his devastating vengeance" Slatkin

Q: “The penalty for bigamy? “
A: “Two mothers-in-law”

"The path towards it virtue long & steep. It is rough at first, but, as it reaches the top, it finally becomes easy.  (Works and Days 290)"

“The only 2 characters whom Iliadic Zeus smites or threatens to smite are Typhon & his own wife.” The Transformation of Hera by Joan V.O’Brien

The Odyssey, in the words of David Monro never repeats or refers to any incident related in the Iliad.” Best of the Achaeans,  pg 72 ditigal version

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