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TFBT: Quotes and LInks V

Susan Stephens suggests that Helen was kept safe during the Trojan war at the future site of Alexandria.

Susan Stephens discusses a statue to Arsinoe floating in the air at Alexandria

Survey of castrated heroes in Greek myth,
Sun never sets on the British Empire

Sun God's Statue: From Dust to Dust
Summer is almost over.  I named this week's quiz in honor of Aphrodite's bratty little son, Eros.  Enjoy!

Suggestion as to why the Greek gods created man.
“Still, taunt me not with the gifts...given me... let not a man disdain them, for the gods give them where they are minded.”  (Iliad 3:64)

Stesichorus on Helen; “That story is not true. You never sailed in the benched ships. You never went to the city of Troy”

Spurgeon (1857) says of the birth of Christ,"He who created all things, and bears up the pillars of creation.”

Speaks to the point unfailingly w/gentle respect. Stands out(in assembly) As he walks thru the city they look on him as a god. Od.8.171-3

Speaking of Centaurs...Nestor's Tale in Iliad 1 

Speaking of Agamemnon; "Angry men never think they have spoken enough." P.A. Draper

Speak as Though the Gods Were Listening

Spartan_feeling...very friendly towards Athens on account of...patriotism which she...displayed in the struggle with the Mede (Thucydides).

"Sorry, I'm a safety officer.  I just had to post this.  SOTERIA was the goddess or spirit (daimon) of safety."

Sorry, can't resist genealogy tables.

 “The dead do not return.” Patroclus’ ghost, (Iliad 23. 69)
“Some truths tarnish when exposed.” (page 84) Homeric Moments, Eva Brann,
"Socrates describes Homer as “The best and most divine of the poets."

So You Think You Know Odysseus?

“So from the same place were born gods and mortal men.” (Works and Days 108).

“Smooth-tongued Nestor, the facile speaker of the Pylians, the words fell from his lips sweeter than honey.”    Iliad I, 250

Slowdown in...driving, talking, approaching a call, sending an email. The faster you get into trouble the longer it takes to get out of it.

Sirens;"No man has ever yet sailed past us with his dark ship without staying to hear the sweet sound" Od xii 186, Doesn't NoMan=Odysseus?  Not actually, the joke doesn’t work in the Greek.

Sinon: The Man Behind The Fall of Troy

Since my hair turned white I hear this all the time!  "I have heard that you can give interpretations and solve problems." (Daniel 5:16)

“Since Hera nursed Thetis who nursed Achilles, the bile of Hera is already flowing in the veins of  Achilles” Gregory Nagy

Simonides of Ceos singing of Danae & Perseus, “But I tell you: sleep my baby and let the sea sleep. Let our trouble sleep. Let some change appear.”

Short Lecture by Nagy on the destruction of the Persian armada.

She stepped out of her historty and touched her destiny.  Pastor Schwarte

“She sent her tiny daughter to greet me in her stead, just as an invisible god sometimes sends a cherub to console a mortal.” Alexandre Dumas

She sat...beside...Zeus &  Athena gave place. And Hera set in her hand a fair golden cup, and spake words of cheer and Thetis drank Il 24:98

“She looks down at me, eyes glittering like gems. ‘That boy is a bitter melon.’”  Diana Abu-Jaber, "The Language of Baklava"

Shape-shifting Metis wrestled & wed by Zeus, S/S Psamathe w/w by Zeus’ son Aeacus, S/S Thetis w/w by Aeacus’ son Peleus. Pattern there?

Seferis on Delphi; “One thing to look at...the souls from the point of view of (a) God and another from...his servants

Seer; "Everyone is fine, especially your father.”
Man; "Father's been dead 10 years."
Seer; "Not your real father." Philogelos #201

S. Dova translates Od 9.366 as “My name is Nobody” Now I have to watch the Terence Hill film all over again!.

RV 1.117.5 the twins restored Vandana like one who had fallen asleep in the womb of the death goddess; like the sun dwelling in darkness

Rumor! What evil can surpass her speed?  Aeneid

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