Thursday, June 3, 2010

TLtS: The Seven Senses

I am reading, “Romancing the Ordinary” by Sarah Ban Breathnach. She makes the comment that “there are two aspects for each of our seven senses”

“The two facets of sight are looking and seeing. “

Hearing and listening are the practical and passionate aspects of our sense of sound.”

“… the two aspects of the sense of smellmemory and desire…” “Without the internal sextant of scent, you’re bereft of two of life’s great pleasures – appetite and infatuation.”

Our sense of taste is related to our sense of smell so the two facets would again be memory and desire. I suppose we should recall here that the flip side of desire is repulsion.

Sense of touch comes in touching and being touched.

The sixth sense; intuition can be divided into believing and knowing.

Breathnach list the seventh as awe, but other writers say balance; spiritual and physical I suppose