Wednesday, March 29, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links VIII

Language was invented for 1 reason boys, to woo women and in that endeavor, laziness won’t do. It also won’t do in your essays. N.H. Kleinbaum

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. ~ Brian  Gerald O'Driscoll

King of Corinth to Medea by feeling pity I've been hurt before” Medea 348    Should have listened to himself!

Kevin: "Yes, why does there have to be evil?” 
Supreme Being: “I think it has something to do with free will."

Just a reminder for all us classicists; "Homer was Blind!"

Jorgensen noted that daimon is never used for divinty where Homer himself is speaking.

Jesus said, "Give to everyone who begs from you."  Luke 6:30

Jesus himself testified, that a prophet hath no honour in his own country. John 4:44

It would be most satisfactory...if physics and psyche could be seen as complementary aspects of the same reality. Wolfgang Pauli,

It would be a grievous matter to rescue all the race and offspring of men.

"it is un-traditional...whatever runs counter to...traditional plot of the narrative is conventionally designated as beyond destiny.Nagy_Best of the Achaeans

“it is of their own free will, that mortals commit deeds of recklessness and so their pains are beyond what is fated.”

“It is I; be not afraid.” John 6:20

It is believed that every generation gets the Homer it deserves.

  There's no way to stand firm on both feet & escape trouble Od 5.413-4"

Indo-European; a hypothetical language, with a hypothetical grammar,  which was never written and no one has ever heard.

In the “Frogs” according to his adversary Aeschylus, (Euripides) is “an enemy of the gods”.

In no society are women and in-laws obsessed with the virginity of the groom.

In earlier times Sicyon was called Mecone (Prometheus' trick), and in still earlier times Aegiali (Apollo purified?)

In Ancient Athens, those who could write, wrote tragedies, those that couldn’t were named Aristophanes.

Immortalization is the antithesis of heroic death.

"Iliad and Odyssey; texts that are powerful, horrifying and beautiful, repulsive and attractive.”"

Iliad 9;"the exclusion of Odysseus in the dual greeting would serve to remind the audience of the enmity between him and Achilles" Nagy

Iliad 9:637-638 "all because of just one girl, just one.”

Iliad 5.778-9  Then the goddesses twain went their way with steps like those of timorous doves

Iliad 4:185 But fair-haired Menelaos reassured him and said, ‘Take heart, and do not alarm the people.’

Iliad 3:60  Still, taunt me not with the gifts that golden Aphrodite has given me; they are precious;

Iliad 3:55 The Trojans are a weak-kneed people, or before this you would have had a shirt of stones for the wrongs you have done them

Iliad 3:160. I lay no blame upon you, it is the gods, not you who are responsible [aitioi].

Iliad 23:77-78 “shall we sit apart and take sweet counsel”

Iliad 23:157 there is a time to mourn and a time to cease from mourning. 

Iliad 22:63-64 little children dashed to earth amid the rage of battle,

Iliad 22:295-297 but there was no man; then he saw the truth and said to himself, Alas! the gods have lured me on to my destruction.

Iliad 21.400 So saying he smote upon her tasselled aegis; the awful aegis against which not even the lightning of Zeus can prevail.

Iliad 20:429 “Draw nigh, that thou may the sooner enter the toils of destruction."

Iliad 20:428  “Draw near, that you may meet your doom the sooner.”

Iliad 20:198 “Even a fool may be wise after the event.”

Iliad 20.122 the chiefs of the immortals are on his side, while the others who have... been defending the Trojans are but vain helpers

Iliad 2:203 we cannot all be kings; it is not well that there should be many masters; one man must be supreme

Iliad 19:67  If we have been angry, necessity has schooled our anger. I put it from me: I dare not nurse it for ever.

Iliad 19.87 those..,responsible are Zeus and Fate and the Fury who roams in the mist...who...put savage derangement [ate] into my thinking

Iliad 17:18  his heart mightily stirred, fair-haired Menelaus spake unto him: "O father Zeus, no good thing is it to boast overweeningly.

Iliad 17:100 “to tear aside the mantle that veils the brow of Troy.”  The Greek word for a woman’s veil is the same for a city’s ramparts.

Iliad 15:224 “ Had he not done so those gods [225] who are below with Kronos would have come to hear of the fight between us

Iliad 1:360 She (Thetis) came and sat beside him (Achilles) as hewept and stroked him with her hand and called him by name and spoke to him.

Iliad 1:343 Agamemnon is mad with rage and knows not how to look before and after

Iliad 1:320 "and (Agamemnon) called his trusty messengers and attendants   Talthybios and Eurybates."  Was Eurybates Odysseus' herald?

Iliad 1:283 Achilles, who in the day of battle is a tower of strength to the Achaeans."

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