Friday, March 31, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links Part IX

Iliad 1:199 “Achilles turned in amazement, and by the fire that flashed from her eyes at once knew that she was Athena” How did he know?

"Iliad 1.157 Achilles describes Phthia along with both mountain and sounding sea, the traditional metaphor for himself.   

Took a bias test today.  Ends up I am too Machevillan to fall into that trap 

Iliad 1.131-2 “Do not thus, mighty though you are, godlike Achilles, do not hide things in your mind 

If your lunch date says call if you aren't going to make, they are going to call and say they can't make it.

If your lunch date says call and remind me, don't bother.

If ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words? John 5:47

If to err is human and to forgive divine, choose one’s husband foolishly,  forgive endlessly and approach (sainthood)
If they say they have trust issues, it means you can't trust them.

If tele-conference is a conference over the phone; a tele-worker works over the phone, isn't "tele-machus" a warrior who phones it in?

If it is my (Ares) fate to be struck by Zeus’ thunderbolt and to lie together with the corpses in the dust. Iliad XV 117-118

Identify innovators, avoid these individuals when forming If they embrace your idea, it will surely die.

I’m a non-serious academic. I make no apologies for this | Dean Burnett

 “He has cast aside his state of anger and has chosen being dear  instead.” Iliad XVI 282
  Polydeuces chose the life of Castor, who had perished in battle. (Nemean 10.59)

Gold, the all-conquerer, Overcomes walls and chains. Paulus Silentiarius"

His coming was like the night. Iliad 1.47"

Sailing on the wine-dark sea to men speaking other languages [=foreign],” Od. 1.183

Stop! Abandon your anger, which causes pain for your heart.        Iliad IX 260"
“Weeping much” for Homer, it is heroic to cry.

  "Who art thou, mighty one, among mortal men?  Iliad 6.123

From whose (Nestor's) lips the streams of words ran sweeter than honey."

"" Even as are the generations of leaves, such are those also of men."" Iliad 6.146"

"I would rather stand three times with a shield in battle than give birth once.” Euripides, Medea 251
I would not renew the pain in the recital.

“I was beginning to be the executioner of my present felicity, and the tormentor of my heart.”

I speak as it is borne in upon me from the sky, Odyssey 1:202
I should remember this one more often; Proverbs 21:23, “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue  Keeps his soul from troubles."
I say again that the greatest good of man is daily to converse about virtue. Plato Apology of Socrates 18a,

I prefer her to Clytemnestra, my wedded wife, since she is not inferior to her, either in form, stature, mind, or in handiwork. (Iliad 1.113)

I love the irony that the Iliadic phrase "beyond destiny" is transliterated; "hyper-moron".

I learned in Homeric Vocabulary class that the Greek "Theta" does not equal the Old English "Thorn", I have many  "th" sounds to unlearn
I know the number of the grains of sand & the measure of the sea. I understand...and I hear the one who does not speak. Herodotus 1.47.3
“I have withdrawn the veil from your eyes, that you know gods and men apart.”   Iliad 5.127

I found power in the mysteries, exaltation in...the Muses, am versed in reasoning...but Fate is stronger than anything I know.  Euripides

"I feigned a fainting fit or...swooned; I fell striking my head...with a...prayer for annihilation.”  Casanova"

“I feel like dancing. It's foolishness...but when the world sees the light. They'll we're dancing now.”

“I drew aside the curtain... I saw a family of hares performing a fantastic dance by moon light in a field beside the track.”  Alexandre Dumas

I couldn't say whether I feigned a fainting fit or...truly swooned; all I know is that I fell...striking my head against the wall" Casanova

I am familiar w/the fault-finding character...of those who dominate the study of epic poetry in my time.  Pausanias, 9.30.3

I am about to do a new thing: now it springs forth, do you not percieve it?  Isaiah 43:19
“I (Achilles) love somebody (Patroclus), because he's myself.” That's the closeness. And that's what is expressed by "psukhe."  Nagy; CB22.1x

Hydromachy pervades the action of the Iliad. Jonathan Fenno

Hopkins (2006) unsafe behavior's the last link in a causal chain (don't) aim programs at front-liners aim safety programs at managers

Honor is of this world; glory...belongs to the hereafter

Homer prayed (to) see (Achilles) as soon as Homer looked at the hero, he was blinded by the gleam of the armor

Homer never actually invokes the Muses; it is either an unnamed muse or an unnamed goddess.

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