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TFBT: Quotes and Links IV

The Muse of this week's quiz at Hour 25 is the Daemon of Marathon.  Good luck you quiz mongers!

“The man without a pupose is a man who drifts at the mercy of random feelings or unidentified urges and is capable of any evil.” Ayn Rand'64

“The man who wrestles with necessity I esteem a fool.”

“The longer I live, the more convinced I am, that it is all about who says what to whom when.”

“The language of Homer a composite of Ionian and Aeolic elements.”  Frank J. Nisetich

The king’s baby daughter in Sleeping Beauty is the victim of the uninvited fairy’s anger same as Eris as deity omitted...

'The ire of the goddesses was kindled against Troy,". Nice phrase

The inspiration for this week's quiz is the Titaness of the Moon; Selene.  Enjoy!

The initial speech in a Homeric conversation is a proto-event because  "Initial speeches can only be distinguished retroactively"
“The inextinguishable Homeric laughter of the blesse gods;

The Iliad’s power depends(on)not demoniz(ing)...Trojans, but,,, portrays them more sympathetically than...the Achaeans.  Tobias A. Myers

The Homeric word "Deinos" in Sophocles' "Antigone"

 “The groom nearly always take the bride’s left hand or wrist with his right.”

The Greek Alphabet song:
"The great epics relishing neither human sacrifice nor killing within the family.”

The gloomy rhetoric of the departed heroes affirms the merits of sunny days spent at home in the company of one’s nearest...Stamatia Dova

“The genius behind our Iliad's artistic unity is in large part the Greek epic tradition itself.  Nagy 5.19

The French paid $9.6 million for Casanova's Memoirs, making it the 7th most valuable book in the world.

"The fiction that behind the telling of each story exits one divinely superintended tale... that never alters”"

 “The events involving this person are not neglected by the gods. Nor is it by chance that the events involving me have happened.” Socrates
“The entire world is contained in our courtyard garden ...inevitably all things will come to me. “ Diana Abu-Jaber, "The Language of Baklava"

The English adjective stentorian,  deriving from Stentor’s role in Iliad 5.785

The ease w/which a rogue invites a gentleman to share in a knavery is astonishing; he must think his confidence confers an honor. Casanova

“The dual constructions of IX 196-198 express a pointed exclusion of Odysseus from those who are "most dear" to Achilles”   Gregory Nagy

The Dioskouroi are depicted as having an epiphanic effect on others, but themselves seem unaware of their status,

  The Danaides wished to avoid entering into force marriages that Themis forbids.

The Cyclic conception of a world liberally populated by half-brothers is as different as it is inferior.

The Curse of Unexpected Consequences: Helen's Daughter and the Beginning of the Trojan War

“The cost of achieving mythical heroism in a postmythic world is an irrevocable deal with a Hecatean power.” James J.Clauss  

The Consumption of Metis, Birth of Athena, and Creation of the Aegis (Hes. frag. 343)

The concept of repetition in ritual, as expressed by the adverb 'once again' H24H;Gregory Nagy
The child he has longed for warms a father’s heart. Pindar Olympian 10

“The centaurs, the debauched drunken beast. Howling and biting, they pounce upon the women and boys.”

“The best plan for a young woman is never to stare at any man, to pretend not to hear certain questions&certainly not to answer them.”Casanova

“The beds of the immortls are never barren - every act has issue.”

The avenging fiend (a fury) goes not forth from friend to friend.

The audience of Homeric poetry is presumed to be near and dear (Gregory Nagy) Same assumption Casanova makes of the reader of his Memoirs.

The arrows of Artemis hunt down (the rapist)Tityos so that men might learn to yearn for things that are within their grasp. Pindar Pythian 3

“The archaic smile becomes the gesture of sublime inevitability.”

The Ancient Greek Hero Course at Harvard's Extension School, with Kevin McGrath  

“The absent always fare ill.” The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt,

"The ainos, then, is...aside from those exclusive listeners ‘who can understand,’ it is apt to be misunderstood, garbled.” Nagy_ 

The 100-hander "Briareos had a cult at Karystos and Aigaion at Khalkis. “Nagy_Best-of-the-Achaeans.

Thanks to JSTOR some thoughts by Ferrari on Athens and the Fall of  Troy

Thanks to Dr. Alexandra Traschsel  for mentioning this great Troy Page at

“Testosterone did not make men more aggressive...but prepared them for the challenge of dominance.”

Terpander on Sparta; “There flowers the battle-spear of young men, there the muse is eloquent.

 Taped  interview with Glynnis Fawkes at Hour 25

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