Friday, March 31, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and LInks, Part XII

 Did you know Prometheus was in the Bible?  "I have come to bring fire on the earth  Luke 12:49
Did the Hecatoncheires and Cyclopes pray for a savior while bond in Tartarus?

Designing is the shedding of options. -saleswoman at Ethan Allen

"Death by lightning is the key to this rebirth: the thunderbolt of Zeus’ simultaneously destroys and regenerates"

David Monro, “The Odyssey never repeats or refers to any incident related in the Iliad.”

“Danger is a strange thing; at first one fears it, then faces it, then longs for it! “ Alexamder Dumas My Adv in Caucasia

Cronus, called "Centaur" as father of Cheiron LYCOPHRON, ALEXANDRA  1189 ft 6

Creusa to Aeneas, "Do not seek me now; for I have been taken by the gods, and they have put me in their number"

Creative is another word for destructive.

clasped each other's hands and pledged their faith Iliad 6.233

Civilization begins at the moment sport begins...that life satisfies its pimary needs and,,,enjoys a little leisure.

Circe was a Homeric witch able to transform men into sacrificial swine.  Walker 1983

Chiron shaming Apollo “You who know the appointed end of all things, and all the paths that lead to them?” (Pythian 9)

Centaurs and River Gods generally don't have sons.

centaurs  “a monstrous brood resembling both parents; the father above and the mother below.”  Pindar Pythian 2

"catered only to the gods, Earth, established her oracle in Delphiâ, she is also called â proto-mantis  first foreteller .”"

But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more...Prov 4:18
“but it had to be that one of the royal Aeacids be inside the most ancient grove (Apollo’s temple at Delphi)  Pindar N.7.44-47

Brann on Patroclus; “Homer does him, more often than anyone else, the rare honor of the intimacy of addressing him dircetly.”  Page 88

“bonds are the privilegded weapons metis”  Detienne and Vernant 1974

“Before our eyes we must behold his world rise up from the deep- and take on form.” D. J. Snider  on  Iliad’s Homer

Atlas’ bro Prometheus advises Hera how to escape Hephaestus' Throne. Get the smithy-god drunk!

Atlas holds up the sky on the W edge of the world. Bro,Prometheus tied to the Pillar on the E

Athens predominant over tribute-paying allied cities, its ego most inflated.  Alarm bells ought to be ringing.  - Sissa and Detienne

Ate, thrown out of Olympus by Zeus...fell on a hill in the Troad which was hence called the Hill of Doom. LYCOPHRON, transl. A.W.Mair

at Plataea (they) remained...for ten days because the omens... did not advise either side to attack.

At Hour 25 we're studying the common words in the Homeric Vocabulary.  I think we've learned six words for speak and only one for listen!

"As Thetis' 100-hander ally ""Briareos had a cult at Karystos and (as) Aigaion at Khalkis."" Best of the Achaeans, Gregory Nagy"

As the sun-god Helios ascends the stars before him dive into the sea,

as the guy wth the pen, you are managing...the room... the action and the followthrough...after the meeting. J Quigley

As Pylades says, “It is possible for great bad fortune to  give rise to great changes.”  Iphigeneia in Tauris 721-722

As Homer does for Achilles, so Plato did for Socrates.

As a blamed in the Iliad Thersites is described as most hateful to Achilles (II 220). 
Hence in my estimation most hateful to Zeus and Homer.

Aristophanes in a well-known line describes (Sophocles) as cheerful in Hades’ kingdom as on earth.

Ares is brought to the...threshold of death in his 13 month...captivity in a bronze jar and now he might have died.

Apollo leading Cadmus and Harmonia’s wedding car pulled by a boar& lion.  Heard of that pair of yokemates before?  Hmm.

Apollo claims; men cannot hope to compete with the gods, so they should give up any attempt to do so. Lorenzo F. Garcia Jr.

Aphrodite "is...the sweetly smiling, laughter-loving, bright, golden,f ruitful, winsome, flower-faced, blushing, swift-eyed, golden-crowned.” Gayley

Aphrodite wants to meet Anchises' "brothers, those born from the same parents"  What's wrong with half and step?

Aphrodite asks the Cronides & Hera grants immortality to her son Aeneas. The river god Numicius (below) makes it so.

Any time we do something once again, we are performing a ritual.  Ritual has cosmic consequences as does “menis”

"Anticlea’s choice of adjective echoes Thetis address to Achilles in Il 1.417 as swift-fated and full of woe more than anyone else “  Dova"

Anticlea to her son Odysseus "as soon as the life leaves the white bones, and the spirit, like a dream, flits away, and hovers to and fro. "

Ancient Theban king responding to a nagging wife, "Jocasta! What? Are you my mother?

"an humans are allowed beyond three assaults, and if any should go as far as a fourth, they will be punished. Buchan 2004:51"

an island called Syra that lies over above Ortygia, where the land begins to turn round and look in another direction.” Odyssey 15:404

"Amos 7:14 I am not a prophet or a son of a prophet; no, I am a herdsman, and a forester”"

Among the Lydians, as among almost all other barbarians, to be seen naked carries the greatest disgrace, even for a man.  Herodotus 1.10

all the men who did this job for hire have made sure that, sooner or later, they shall pay the penalty Antigone 301

all the gods looked from heaven upon the ship and the race of demi-gods who sailed the (Black) sea, best of all men." Argonautica 1.547–552

All men who have any decency, in the attempting of matters great or small, always  start with prayer

Alas the gods have lured me to my destruction.  Iliad 22:295

Aiakos . . . the most cherished of mortals, who rendered judgments even for the gods. Pindar Isthmian 8.22-24

Ah! Would to Heaven the good ship Argo ne'er had sped its course  to the Colchian land through the misty blue Symplegades

Agamemnon is mad with rage and knows not how to look before and after  Iliad 1:343

After all, tomorrow is another day!

Aeneas to Andromache "I live, t’ is true. I lengthen out my days"

Aeneas 4.188 (Gossip) On the alert, on rooftops or on towers, bringing great cities fear, harping on lies &slander evenhandedly with truth.

Advise from Hades, Don’t bet your future on the roll of the dice.

Advices from Ares, If you don’t want to be the most loathsome of the gods, don’t pick God of War as your job.

advice...bestowed upon us, we feel inclined to ascertain for ourselves whether the result will turn out as predicted

Advice Glaucus (family friend of Diomedes) should have heard, "If someone asks if you are a god, you say, "yes!" (Ghostbusters)

Advice from Zeus, “Don’t marry your sister!”

Advice from Uranus “If your wife is a pregnant primordial goddess don’t even think about trying to get lucky.”

Advice from Oedipus, “If your mother says, ‘Yes, you are our beloved biological son.’, believe her and live happily ever after.”

Advice from Niobe,"Don’t brag to your best friend that your children are better than her children."  

Advice from Hephaestus, “Best Mother’s Day present ever? A new recliner! “  

Advice from Helios in the Odyssey, If you don’t get your way, threaten to light up the darkness (in Hades).  

Advice from Dionysus, “ Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.” (Oh wait, that was Ogden Nash.)  


  1. I think that, regarding Athens' inflated ego, alarm bells are ringing only in hindsight, because it lost the war and hence the bid for domination, leaving to Philip II the dirty job of creating a proto-state. I doubt that a state can be created without an inflated ego. E.g. were Clovis and Charlemagne modest? No, but they were successful, so they are not judged.

  2. Maya,

    Isn't that so true? Try and succeed, you will be hailed. Try and fail, you will be called a fool. Imagine if they had won the Peloponnese War?!