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TFBT: Quotes and Links, Part XV

“Juno’s (Hera’s) hatred transcends space and history, and it readily makes enemies of neutrals.” https://t.co/Pc0srdHiO3

“Jorgensen’s law, “Homer and the gods know which god is responsible for any act or circumstance in the narrative. Humans remain ignorant.”

Student #1; “It's plural; 3rd person! That doesn’t make sense.”
Student #2; “Translation drills don't make sense. Who could send one brother to many isles?"
Student #3; "Medea"

“It’s the unholy act that breeds more acts of the same kind” Aeschylus’ Agamemnon
“It’s not what you say, it’s why people think you are saying it!” http://t.co/RNQVCXO3C9

“It will be denied by few that the first great literary product of the world is the poems of Homer.”  D. J. Snider http://t.co/sImpYiCbb2

“It was wonderful to see the love and understanding between those 2 noble beings (father and son).  Each filled the other’s heart." Dumas, Caucasia

“It was easy to perceive that between Louis and Renaud...existed one of those...bonds which could only be forged by a woman.” Dumas, Alexandre

“It was a tribute to Art, whose power transcends the might of kings.” Alexander Dumas, Caucasia

"“It is with metis that charioteer is better than charioteer."" Nestor Iliad XXIII 318”"

“It is only in Russia," said he, "that poison enters into politics.” The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

“It is not Homer's manner to applaud or censure directly” Saul Levin  http://t.co/VzwpF3tMJK

"“It is not always in the druggist's shop that are found the best remedies for severe diseases.” Casanova, Giacomo."

“It is just as unpunctual to be a quarter of an hour too soon as to arrive a quarter of an hour too late.” Dumas, Alexandre.

“It is hateful to me (Odysseus) to say the same thing over and over again.” (Od 12.453)  That would explain his compulsively lying!

“It is a blind man dwelling in Chios, rugged and rocky, whose songs, every one, are the best both now and hereafter” HH to Apollo 172-3

“It had been built without the consent of the immortals, and therefore it did not last.” Iliad 12:9

“Io the mythological proto-type of the Greek bride as respected suppliant” http://t.co/UbJ0DTz1QR

“Indeed, Odysseus, who is in fact called “hero” only once in the Odyssey.” Homeric Moment by Eva Brann
“In the hands of Leukothea, as elsewhere, the veil is a powerful instrument of boundary magic.”  https://t.co/RiQXVIQrhp

“In the autumn, the Volga is, to use a mathematical phrase, reduced to its lowest terms.” Adventures in Czarist Russia” Alexandre Dumas

"“In the age of myth, gods used to make mistakes, but not today in the age of ritual” https://t.co/GCNyudnzNA"

“In spite of the laws of nature, many persons have found him greater at a distance than close at hand.” “The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova"

“In ritual context indecency, otherwise taboo, is charged with procreative energy” Marilyn B. Skinner,    http://t.co/Gh8kJK1rGT

“In our world the gods are gone from the scene - to the relief of the rationalists and sorrow of the poets” page 35 Homeric Moments, Eva Brann,

“In Mekone it was decided what is a god and what a human being.” Scholium on Theogony 535

"“In local traditions, such as the Laconian, Thetis figures as a primordial goddess with the most fundamental cosmic powers,” Nagy_BA"

“In epic in contrast (to tragedy) the decision (to accept a suppliant) is usually swift and without painful consequences” http://t.co/UbJ0DTz1QR

“In a word, the Hellenic poet is the master of kleos; “That which is heard.”

“If your duty bids you to conceal the cause of your bad humor, it also bids you not to shew it.” Casanova, Giacomo."

“If you wish your audience to cry, you must shed tears...but if you wish to make them laugh you must...look as serious as a judge.” Casanova

"“If you have not done anything worthy of being recorded, at least write something worthy of being read.” Casanova, Giacomo."

“If Helen had not been restored, there could have been no Homer, “D. J. Snider http://t.co/sImpYiCbb2

“If a man attains his wish let him cling to it and not let it go for something far off.” Pindar Pythian 10

“I’m very much afraid that bravery may be merely a matter of what one is used to.” Alexander Dumas, Caucasia

“I, however, at age six am already showing a real aptitude for not believing inconvenient truths. “  Diana Abu-Jaber http://t.co/eInRSXTRoW
“I was getting ready to accompany the Bucentoro, on which the Doge was going, as usual, to wed the Adriatic,” https://t.co/L6292cW6FW

“I thought it my duty not to enlighten him.” https://t.co/vJxuWkX7JY

"“I should fight you on account of mortals, the wretches, who are like leaves. Iliad XXI 463-466”"

“I seek no mate that might look down on me.” Euripides “Rhesus”

“I saw at once that he was my son; nature had never been so indiscreet as in the amazing likeness between us.” Casanova, Giacomo. 

“I profited by this gracious invitation to idleness-one of the most agreeable which can be extended to a traveler” Dumas, Alexandre.

"“I pretend to the friendship, to the esteem, to the gratitude of my readers” Casanova"

"“I pretend to believe her, and we laughed like two augurs meeting each other alone” Casanova, Giacomo. “Memoirs of Casanova"

“I passed my hands over two spheres whose perfect shape and whiteness would have restored Lazarus to life.” The Memoirs of Casanova

“I maintain that deeds without dike…do not win with oaths.” Athena in Eumenides
“I loved her better than myself, but after obtaining possession...my self-love proved stronger” https://t.co/AjHPcKamxu

“I looked everywhere,   but all I found around me was my pain.” Philoctetes by Sophocles 330

“I loathe the wicked without doing them...injury. I...abstain from doing them...good, in the...belief that we ought not to cherish serpents. 

“I hung my head, for at the bottom of my heart I did believe in the possibility.” Dumas, Alexandre. “The Corsican Brothers.”

“I have loved women even to madness, but I have always loved liberty better” https://t.co/vJxuWkX7JY

"“I have always relied upon His providence, prayed to Him in my distress, and that He has always granted my prayers.” Casanova, Giacomo."

"“I found myself like the salamander, in the very heart of the fire for which I had been longing so ardently.” Casanova, Giacomo."

"“I found her surrounded by seven or eight well-seasoned admirers, who were burning at her feet the incense of their flattery.” Casanova,"
“I forgot that it is not possible to stop at friendship with a pretty woman”. Casanova
"“I congratulated myself upon having received a lesson of such importance for the remainder of my life.”  Casanova, Giacomo."
“I can easily contrive to drink my coffee well sweetened, and to make him drain the bitter cup.” https://t.co/vJxuWkX7JY

“I call them birds since they were winged, but mortal eye ne'er rested on such odd, unearthly shapes." Edgar Burroughs. “The Gods of Mars.”

“I both liked and esteemed him before...but since he has worn the tiara it's a different matter;” Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

“I am dicing for my life with Fate”.  Euripides “Rhesus”

“I am a charioteer driving my team far beyond the course.” Agamemnon 1024

“I already had two friend by the name, so it seemed to me a good omen.” Alexander Dumas, Caucasia

“I adopted the only plan that despair could suggest, and that, of course, was not the right one.” https://t.co/AjHPcKamxu

“Hyperdorism” a word too Dorian to be genuine.  Frank J. Nisetich http://t.co/0RvW9UZjZ9

“Huionymic” opposite of patronymic as in “Odysseus, father of Telemachus” http://t.co/vte43ECxbR
“How stupid they are! I'd rather stand there three times in battle holding up my shield than give birth once.”  https://t.co/xzbpNfPyPK

“Honor xeinoi, and hetairoi the better” Adam Brown http://t.co/fCe8OaIpf5

“Honor to the Achaean name, the Achaeans will bear the kleos of Orestes in song even to future generations” Od 3:204

“Homer’s inexhaustibility” Homeric Moments, Eva Brann,

“Homer sings, though Odysseus only tells – lyre-less.” Homeric Moment by Eva Brann
“Homer avoids portrayal of bloodshed (between kinsmen)” http://t.co/UbJ0DTz1QR

“High-thundering Zeus, who inhabits the most exalted halls.” A nice line from Works and Days

“Hers is the loss and his the guilt.” Philip Vellacott on “Troy” and Paris

“Hermes goes to Ogygia as the Psychopomp, because the return of Odysseus follows the return of Persephone from Hades” Samatia Dova

“Here is courage, mankind’s finest possession, here is the noblest prize that a young man can endeavor to win,” Tyrtaeus of Sparta 

“Hera... does in fact manage to win over Aphrodite and Sleep, thus subverting Zeus' rule” B. Satterfield's Burial of Hektor, p. 163:

“Hera is the only Iliadic figure to swear by the Styx.” The Transformation of Hera by Joan V.O’Brien

“Hera herself remains committed to a demonic hatred not to be sated even in the conflagration of Troy.” The Transformation of Hera

“Her friends excelled her in beauty and in feeling, but my prejudiced eyes saw no one but Angela.” http://t.co/HhAeEAPafn

“Her close argument made me blush and carrying her beautiful hand to my lips, I confessed myself in the wrong.” http://t.co/cwp0uukP0u

“Hephaestus, by contrast, took a whole day.” Yoav Rinon  http://t.co/y0HBs50Aay

“Helen, therefore, is the image of Hellenic spirit, of all that Greece means to mankind and to itself.” D. J. Snider http://t.co/sImpYiCbb2

“Helen with the beautiful tresses is the cursed spouse who brings a dowry of death to Iion.” http://t.co/RqNPJEypDJ

“Helen is never more beautiful than when she give this boy the recognition that make him Telemachus... a young man.” Homeric Moment Eva Bran

“Hector...reached the first Greek ship, the very one from which the first Greek leaped onto Trojan soil to be also the first to die.” Brann 

“He spoke and the heart in the other did not twist away.” Bacchylides of Ceos  http://t.co/6fLR861rEv

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