Wednesday, April 5, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links, Part XIX

“The confidence of the Iliad in its eternal survival is the confidence of the master singer. “Nagy_Best-of-the-Achaeans.”

“Old devotions fade, pushed aside by new relationships.” Medea 76

“For not any less prized than your own brother is a comrade [hetairos] who is well aware of things you think about.” Od 8.585

“Alas, love’s a miserable thing for mortal men.”  Medea 330

“The timeless audience of Homeric poetry.” Gregory Nagy

"I am not fleeing for sanctuary across dead lintels of the past.” HD"

“Their overweening pride [hubris] and violent insolence [bie] reach all the way to the sky.”  Odyssey 15:329

 ˜You have circled this mountain long enough. Deuteronomy 2:3

“The miraculous heaven-sent language which has been the wonder and the awe of all poets afterwards.    -Gilbert Murray on Homer-

“The admitted first-cause “of all-time, of all-history.” -Helen in Egypt-

“A fire burns small in its first stages and ends in catastrophe.  As fire’s course is, such is the course taken by human misdeeds.” Solon

"A sin concealed is half pardoned, Casanova, Giacomo. 

A reputation enshrined in poetry, “unwithering fame” is the goal for every hero- Richard P. Martin

A regularity or daily structure is actually a safety mechanism - Gregory Wayne Walker (2008)

A Platonist who pretends (one can) live w/a young woman of whom one is fond, w/o becoming more than her friend...knows not what he says” Casanova
A person's name, which he is given at birth on the basis of his ancestry, commits him to his identity H24H 4:13

A man is righteous who gives to everything its due portion;

A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven. John 3:27

A distinction between inner and outer self does not exist for him (Achilles)”

A cool wind whistled and sunbeams like golden shafts darted thru tall shady trees.  Sir Richard Burton

“A bow, that coward's weapon, was ever ready to run away. Archery is no test of manly bravery”

57% of the world...get their drinking water from a piped connection that provides running water in their homes

564] Why make the crime of few the blame of all?

2.18 The intentional concealing of relevance, will be evident in Nestor’s role in other parts of the Iliad and Odyssey,

The first “Homeric” fragment in Linear B will destroys 50 years of classical scholarship. 

"Zeus...brought a war upon...the Hellenes and ...Phrygians, so that he might lighten mother earth of her crowded mass of mortals” Euripides

"Zeus wants to alleviate the Earth by depopulating the many heroes who weigh upon it." Best of the Achaeans, Gregory Nagy

"Your previous employers were a rapist and a drug baroness.  Surely I'm an improvement." Miss Fisher

"You think yourself a great man because you live in a little world" Odyssey 18:381.   Advise to one of the suitors. 

"You are precious in my sight and honored and I love you” Isaiah 43:4

"Wretched mortals by the...Cocytus, like leaves buffeted by...wind over the bright sheep-grazed headland of Ida" Bacchylides, Fragment 5

"Within the convention of epic composition, an incident that is untraditional would be "hyper-morian"; beyond destiny." Gregory Nagy

"Whoever is not against us is for us." Mark 9:40

"Who shall wield in his hand a different weapon more powerful than the thunderbolt or the monstrous trident," Pindar 8 31-3

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