Wednesday, April 5, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links, Part XVII

“Draw near, that you may meet your doom the sooner.” Iliad 20.429

“Don’t ever dare to blame a man for cursed soul-destroying poverty” Works and Days, line 717

"Does not wisdom call, and does not understanding raise her voice?"  Proverbs 8:1

“Divine figures w/local traits that resist (Pan-Hellenization are) non-Olympian, no matter how important (their) local traditions" Nagy

“Dissolute queens and bloodthirsty kings have always been the most lavish patrons of the saints.” “Adventures in Czarist Russia” Alexandre Dumas

“Did the honors of the table with the perfect ease of a person...accustomed to fulfil that difficult duty.”

“Demodokos is the weeping of Odysseus...just when various Achaean heroes are performing their various grisly feats" Nagy_BA

“Death comes soon enough and brings an end to everything.  You should not pray for it.”    Medea  154-55

“Concerning a wife; one should least of all do wrong to her, for she is like a suppliant and one led from the hearth.”

“Calypso dresses him (Odysseus) in an ensemble surely too fine for rafting.  He discards her donation mid-Ocean.”

“By spear is kneaded the bread I eat, by spear my Ismaric wine is won, which I drink, leaning upon my spear.”

“But this feeling of mine rest on inference rather than positive statement and remains a feeling.” Richmond Lattimore

"But so that the blessed before, may have their way of life and their accustomed places apart from men" Hesiod fr. 204.102-103

“But let him remain in error; it is better thus than to prove him in the wrong and to make a bitter enemy of him.”

“Bucentoro on which the Doge was going as usual, to wed the Adriatic, the widow of so many husbands and yet as young as on the 1st day" Casanova

“brutes that know not what defeat means until cold steel teaches their hearts no longer to beat," Edgar Rice Burroughs. “The Gods of Mars.”

“Beyond question the ass fed better than his masters, but then servants generally do.” Adventures in Czarist Russia, Alexandre Dumas

"“Beneath the brilliant light of Mars' two glorious moons” Edgar Rice Burroughs. “The Gods of Mars.”"

“Athena confer immortality upon he lay dying...What stopped the goddess...was her sheer disgust at what she saw...Nagy

“At the sight of (Achilles’) armor, all the Myrmidons recoil: no one can bear to look at the divine work of art”

“As the ibis pecks along the bank for a bit of food, so the scribe searches among this thoughts for some truth to tell.” Normandi Ellis

“As Loraux notes, suicide is a woman’s act rather than the heroic act of a male”

“As if men could control the disputes caused by the gods amongst themselves and escape...destiny!”

“As flies to wanton boys are we to th' gods,” Shakespeare

“And went nameless to the dank house of chill Hades. Yes, nameless! Death still took them” Hesiod W and D153

“And a multitude of Achaean heroes danced in their armor around the pyre as you were burning" Od 24.68

“(The Muses) gave me a scepter, a branch of flourishing laurel” Hesiod Theogony 30

“Anchises, most glorious of earth-born men!"  HH to Aphrodite 109

“Already the foundations of the steadfast cosmos are shaking under Typhon’s hands.  The indissoluble bonds of harmony are being dissolved. “

“All of human knowledge...can be understood as a remembering of what was once known and is bit by bit reclaimed.” Ann Shearer in Athene

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