Thursday, April 6, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links, Part XXIV

"He had a big moustache like I don't know what and a smile to drive you out of your mind." Diana Abu-Jaber, "The Language of Baklava"

"He has cast aside his anger and has chosen friendship instead." Iliad XVI 282

"He is disrespectful towards the ritual, he lives in the myth" Stiliani in Hour 21

"Hard Parryism" the idea that traditional language...diminished (Homer's) role in creating the language of his poem.

"Hades had to endure the flying arrow when this self-same man struck him... and  gave him to agony" The Titaness Dione, Homer, Iliad 5. 382

" unbroken magical unity from one spiritual victory to another."   Kazantzakis
"Grain- or bread-eaters is what the Greeks call mortals."  Homeric Moment by Eva Brann" 

"Goddess (Love) I pray you never strike me w/one of those poisoned arrows shot from that golden bow." Medea 632-4

"God is not a miser.” Milala"

"Galaxa...emerged father, Ocean sent her to...bring the love of the sea to the hairy chests of the young men" Vlami"

"Gain basely earned wreaks sorrows." Antigone's 324

"Gaia, whose line remains completely separate from that of Chaos - intercourse between these...cosmic entities seems impossible." J.S.Clay

"From (Helen’s) delicately curtained room she sailed away, transported by the West Wind"    Aeschylus' Agamemnon

"Freedom near at hand makes the aged brave."  Seneca

"Freedom is so close to exile it may well be the same word."  What Casanova Told Me by Susan Swan

 "For wretched delusion, counselor of ill, primal source of woe, makes man bold." Agamemnon 225

"Fools' names and fools' faces always appear in public places."  My Grandmother
"Firefighters ...said they see hoarding conditions in about 25% of the homes they enter" Olga Khazan "The Atlantic"

"Eyes, those dreamy eyes in which would shine the reflection of a distant morning sky." 1958 by Mikis Theodorakis

"Everyone has his proper share at the sacrificial feast." Best of the Achaeans, Gregory Nagy

"Every Sherlock has a Watson."  Jack Taylor

"Even immortal Zeus released the Titans." Pythian 4, Pindar 

"Eros inspires all to greatness" Stamatia Dova, Greek Heroes in and out of Hades

"Envy always fastens on the noble, but leaves the base alone." Nemean 8, Pindar

" an acquired country, the gift of the river." Herodotus

"Death only, rends hope futile" Burroughs

"Cosmic equilibrium is bought at the cost of human mortality."  Slatkin

"Come, take the Dorian lyre down from its peg."  Olympian 1

"Come then, let us rather think of our own stark courage." Iliad 5.718

"Charles Segal wrote in his book on the Bacchae that everyone gets the *Bacchae* he or she deserves, or something to that effect." Jack V.

"Chance? Permit me to laugh, by God.  That is an explanation that would satisfy only an imbecile." M. Zevaco, Los Pardellanes

"Caution is a sign of prudence and reserve, but also of shrewdness.” The Club Dumas-Reverte

"Cassandra... (Apollo) wanted nobody to believe her; as we ourselves do not believe her."  George Seferis

"Carrying off of women...the deed…of a rogue: Men of sense care nothing for such women" Herodotus

"Brute strength of his articulated muscles and languorousness of his pose." Don't hear phrases like that often.

"Both neoanalysts and oral theorists tend to be Unitarian in their attitude towards the Homeric epics"

"Behold, it cometh; be thou prepared!"

"Before the deed, the thumos is usually convicted of stealthy crimes." Antigone 493
"Be strong, do not fear!  Here is your God." Isaiah 35:4

"Authentes"; kin-killer. "Clytemnestra’s terrible marriage w/Agamemnon began when he killed her husband and child.”

"Athena('s) very first action in the Iliad, is to restrain her favorite Achilles.” Ann Shearer in Athene

"Asleep for the danger, awake for the money". The Guardians of the Galaxy

"As distant and cold as the sullen Trojans (in) Hades." The Club Dumas by Reverte
"Aphrodite is to pour over (Pandora) grace and wondrous abstractions; painful longing and limb-devouring care” J. S-Clay “Hesiod’s Cosmos”

"anyone w/even a moderate amount of right feeling knows treat a guest and a suppliant as though he were his own brother.”OD 8.545

"Antagonism between hero and  god in myth corresponds to the ritual requirements of symbiosis between hero  and  god in cult" Gregory Nagy

"And so, Glaukon, myth was saved and it could save us in turn, if we trust it." Plato Republic 10.621b-c

"And he shot up equal to a seedling.  I nurtured him like a shoot in the choices spot of the orchard." Iliad 18.56-57

"Among the Greeks: to doubt the arts of divinagion is to fall under suspicion of godlessness."

"Alcestis affection for her husband is superior to his parents’ becaue it is is inspired by Eros. Stamatia Dova Greek Heroes in...Hades

"Ajax's suicide resulting from his unresolved conflict with Odysseus." Stamatia Dova "Greek Heroes in and out of Hades"

"Ah! Would to Heaven the good ship Argo ne'er had sped its course to the Colchian land through the misty blue Symplegades" Medea by E.

"After the battle of Plataea, the Greeks all decide to fetch new fire from Delphi."

"Aeschylus said about his tragedies as being slices from Homer’s great dinner parties”

"Adapt or nature's inexorable imperative." (HG Wells) Nature ain't adapting to our expotenial growth.  Guess we gotta kill it.

"Achilles' son (Neoptolemus) who, if my figuring is correct, can only be ten years old when he joins the Trojan War."  Nagy, Hour 1, CB22.1

"Achilles is boasting that the lineage of Zeus... is superior to the lineage of any river god     But- Iliad 14.434! 

"Accomplishment is swift (with) the gods.” Pythian 9, Pindar

"To see you once more before you pass over forever into that other life that I shall never know,” Edgar Rice Burroughs. “The Gods of Mars.”

“Olbios”is attributed only to mortals in Homer." Samatia Dova, Greek Heroes in and out of Hades"

"A sudden burst of flame from the altar fire is seen as a sign of divine presence"

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