Wednesday, April 5, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links, Part XXII

 "Send lawyers, guns and money; Dad, get me out of this!"  Warren Zevon"

"See, the former things have come to pass and new things I now declare" Isaiah 42:9   In other words Happy New Year!

"Sacrificial animals... are...sheep, ox, goat and pig...ass and horse are…excluded"  because they are late arrivers.

"Rich men...ever grasp at more than heaven allows? He who is too powerful seeks power beyond his power."

"Retribution might overtake great, crafty Cronus for his own father and also for the children whom he had swallowed down.”  Evelyn-White

"Pyrrhos, becoming the ultimate victim of the sacrifice-butchered at the table of the god (Apollo)." Best of the Achaeans", Gregory Nagy

"Positing of a unitary Iliad and  Odyssey has been for me ...a means for solving the problems presented by (contextual) inconsistencies.” Nagy

"Ply the goad on the horses," said he. "What way, then?" the charioteer asked. "As far as the road shall lead," answered Cuchulain.

"Philosophy as the search for salvation without God"" The Wisdom of the Myths” Luc Ferry"

"Pericles, the effective first citizen of Athens...nick-named Olympian because of his Zeus-like wisdom “David Studdard (Damning Hubris?)

"Perception of risk is positional." Jason Anderson

"People don’t dream like this and you make dreams come true" My Fair Wedding.

"Orpheus...singing the praises of the Gods, drowned the voices of the Sirens, and so passed...all danger" Sir Bacon

"Or is it that the Atreides are the only men who love their wives" Iliad IX 340-341 
Clytemnestra and Helen?  Ha ha!  Homer is hilarious!

On Elpenor’s drunken death;”His headlong fall “from Circe’s sacred palace to the depths of the underworld."" Stamatia Dova, Greek Heroes In-"

"Odysseus’ fame was greater than his worth, through the sweet words of Homer." Pindar Nemean 7

"O sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things." Psalm 98.1

"O father, I envy thee; than thy Colchian step-dame (Medea) this is a Curse (Phaedra), greater, greater far!"

"Not every the better for showing its face in the light. Keeping silence is...the wisest thing for a man to appreciate." Nemean 5

"Noos" in Homeric is not "thought" in Homeric Greek, but rather something "recalled" - I recall Gregory Nagy saying something similar

"No mortal being shall pass his life unpunished, free from all suffering to the end. Alas! Alas!" The Libation Bearers 1020 Aeschylus

"Nature’s tyranny over men" Harvey C. Mansfield
"Myth trumps History." Albert Lord

"Mortals need (an) other way to get...children. There should be no female sex. W/that, men would be rid of all...troubles.” Medea, Eurip. 571

"Mortality, not immortality, is the dominant gene.” Gregory Nagy

"More than his anonymity, it is the static unity of the Homeric speaker that distinguishes him from the Hesiodic voice." "Hesiod" Lamberton

"Moderation; the gods' most beautiful gift, Medea 635-6

"Meleager's funeral monologue earns the only tear ever shed by Heracles." Stamatia Dova, "Greek Heroes in and out of Hades"

"Mars rolls his iron dice, and if they turn up snake eyes he sends a pair of nations to war."  Steven Pinker

"Many sons of the immortals are engaged at Troy" (Janko, 1992 on lines 444-49 counts nine)   Donald Lateiner

"Man: a shadow's dream” Pythian 8, Pindar

"Made a reinforcing nod. Ambrosial... locks...cascaded from the lord’s head immortal. And he caused great Olympus to quake." Iliad I 528-530

"Low scud-muffled daylight" Aeneid 3.196

"Love sways the monsters of the raging sea."

"Love is the most cunning of gods...the shrewd, all-seeing, little blind god contrives to bring success out of the most desperate case." Casanova

"Like some director of a grand theatrical production, Zeus himself is setting up that scene," MoM Gregory Nagy 

"Let no man . . . attempt to marry . . . a daughter of Phorkys." Alcman, Fragment 1

"Jesus is out King and needs a throne."  "Christ in our Home" 11/22

"It's like the 2 P's in puppy or daddy.  Those doubly of constants that express affection for something."  Muellner

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