Wednesday, April 5, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and LInks, Part XVI

“He neither boasted of nor concealed his knowledge, but let it run like a limpid stream flowing through the meadows.” Casanova

  “He made wet his cheeks with the tears flowing from his eyelids, just as a woman cries,” Od 8: 522
“He such difficulties that he would at the end drag you down to the abyss into which he must fall."

“He is here for the feasting, but he was not there with spear in hand to help the huntsmen catch the game.” Euripides “Rhesus”

“He had plenty of good-nature and plenty of money, and these are better than learning and gallantry.” Casanova, Giacomo." 

“He felt the change, wondered at it, and knew that the stranger had been a god,” Od 1:322

“He did not despise or abhor the affliction of the afflicted.” Psalm 22:24

“Have you enjoyed your day?” Prince Ivan enquired.  “It has all been quite amazing.” I assured him.”  Alexander Dumas, Caucasia

"Hatred, in the course of time, kills the unhappy wretch who delights in nursing it in his bosom.” Casanova, Giacomo   I love this quote and should remember it more often.  
“Hades is called also the Illustrious, the Many-named, the Benignant, Polydectes or the Hospitable.”

“Habitual drinkers start the evening with a hangover from the night before.” Alexander Dumas, Caucasia

“Greek morality did not insist that a man should... rate the public need higher than his outraged feelings.” Saul Levin

“Greek history” begins in 776 BC with the first recorded victors in the Olympic Games.” Richard G. Geldard

“Gods; they are infinite, yet forever dropping down into the finite,” HOMER’S ILIAD. by D. J. Snider

"Give, friend! For you seem to be not the worst of the Achaeans, but the best, since you seem like a king. “Odyssey xvii 415-416 

“Gifts from a worthless man are without value.” Medea 618

“Gently veiled what I would fain have revealed in all its naked beauty.” The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt

“From now on act like a man and put away these feminine tears. “Archilochus of Paros

“Fosterling of Zeus” rather than “King” Butcher and Lang’s Odyssey

“Forbidden fruit and who doesn't know that, from was that fruit which has always appeared the fairest"

“For thou (Muse Erato) sharest the power of Cypris,” Apollonius Rhodius Argonautica 3.1.3

“For there's no affliction worse than losing one's own country. “ Medea  650-51

“For the sake of deep-haired Helen wide Pergamon (Troy) had to go down in the searing blaze of the fire.” Pindar

“For the gods are soon recognized” Iliad 13:73

"“For Memnon, the afterlife is by implication a homecoming.”   Nagy_Best-of-the-Achaeans

“For I'm a knowledgeable woman. I make some people envious.” Medea 304-5

“For I know that our dearest kin are bitter foes to us both.” The Libations Bearers 234

“Fire leaps from a single spark on a mountain, and destroys a great forest.” Pythian 3, Pindar

“Festivals were meant to shatter the limitation of time and place.” Richard G. Geldard

“Fell upon my antagonists with fury that those who escaped will remember to their dying day. “Edgar Rice Burroughs. “The Gods of Mars.”

“Favor always produces favor.”(Soph. Aias 522.)  But in the Greek the word is “charis” which can mean grace.

“Evidently the smell of their stable had lent wings to the horses’ legs.” Alexander Dumas, Caucasia

“Everyone is allowed to bear arms in self-defense. I plead not guilty on all counts.”

"Everyone has his proper share at the sacrificial feast.” Nagy_Best-of-the-Achaeans.” I always think "appropriate share".  "“Everyone gets an equal share the sense of varying amounts equal to the varying worth of each hero." Nagy_BA

“Every skipper has a problem with sleep, but (Odysseus) sleeping is perfectly timed for disaster. “ Homeric Moment by Eva Brann

“Even the wind rustling in the tree-tops was regarded as an angel.”

“Even the gods...are won by gifts...Among mortal men, gold works more wonders than a 1000 words.” Medea  964-5

“Even Oceanus fears the lightnings of great Zeus, and his thunder that comes crashing out of heaven.” Iliad 21.199

“Esther is the only book of the Hebrew Bible that does not mention the name of God.” Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls

“Epic plot... tends to avoid the portrayal of the bloodshed between relatives that figures so largely in tragedy.”

“Envy always fastens on the noble, but leaves the base alone” Pindar Nemean 8

“Either join the company of the gods, or go down into the sea. “ Iliad 15. 160  I think is this is Iris warning Poseidon to behave.  Nice line .

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