Wednesday, April 5, 2017

TFBT: Quotes and Links, Part XVIII

“Alas! We love without heeding reason, and cease to love in the same manner”

“Ajax's suicide as an instance of kin murder.”

“Ajax...was invincible, thanks to Heracles’ prayer to Zeus to grant his guest-friend Telamon a son as impenetrable as his lion-skin.” Dova

 “Ages of narrow fanaticism and self-worship had eradicated all the broader humanitarian instincts” Edgar Rice Burroughs. “The Gods of Mars"

“After the storm has raged for 3 days, the Magi of the Persians sing incantations to the wind and sacrifice to Thetis (Herodotus 7.191).”

“Aeschylus’ Myrmidons stressed an erotic relationship between Achilles and Patroclus.”

“Achilles...challenge Odysseus, Agamemnon... to rely on artifice at the very moment when they are desperately in need of his might.” Nagy_BA

“Achilles is fully conscious of exchanging worldly time for underworldly fame.” Homeric Moment by Eva Brann

“Achievers have an immortal name.”

“According to the common account of...Hesiod... it was Oceanus whose birthright was seized by Saturn (Cronus)” Charles G. Osgood,

“Immortal and unaging, just as the gods are.” Hymn to Aphrodite 214”"

“Knowing well’ translates to familiarity with human limitations or insight into divine control of human affairs.” Samatia Dova,

“What the gods give us for gifts, no man can refuse.” Solon

“We listened, motionless, until the last echoes had died away like the cry of some unquiet spirit of the night.” Alexander Dumas, Caucasia

“To haul up that jag-toothed dog whom the snaky monster spawned, from death to daylight.” Bacchylides of Ceos

“The flattery of surrender, the secret embrace in the darkness” Mimermus of Colophon

“Only the Nereids remain after the destruction of Corinth” Anthologia Palatina 9.151.8,

"“It is only in the midst of others that a man is truly himself.” The Wisdom of the Myths, Luc Ferry"

“Ghosts of unhappy dead men rustling as on the colored slopes of Ida wind stirs the leaves.” Bacchylides of Ceos
“A friend more valuable than all possessions.”  Philoctetes by Sophocles 919

“A young girl has no need of being instructed in diplomacy, nature and her own heart are her teachers, and she never blunders.” Casanova

“A weapon serves not only to defend you, but to prevent your being attacked.” Alexander Dumas, Caucasia

“A traditional convention in the naming of heroes: the son is named after one of the father's primary heroic characteristics.” Nagy_BA"

"“A stupid servant is more dangerous than a bad one,” Casanova, Giacomo. “Memoirs of Casanova"

 “A princely hand is skill-less at the plough.” Euripides “Rhesus”

“A marriage ought always to be undertaken in cold blood.” Casanova

“A man...who happens to be superior... to the others, must endeavor to conceal it by all possible means." Casanova, Giacomo.

“A man who always tells the truth must be possessed of great moral courage."   Casanova, Giacomo. “Memoirs of Casanova"

“A man never argues well except when his purse is well filled”

“A man does well to listen to the advice of a friend.” Iliad15:404

“A house, a piece of land, a good looking wife, and all else that a liberal master allows” Odyssey 14:64-65

“A guest of the city must comply, of course,” Medea 222

"A father’s (hero’s) primary activity is often reflected in the name of his son.” Gregory Nagy,"

“A distinctive epithet is like a small theme song” Gregory Nagy, Greek Mythology and Poetics 

"A “nostos” is a race from the battlefield to the family hearth.” Stamatia Dova, Greek Heroes in and out of Hades."

“[Demodokos], setting his point of departure, started from the god.” Odyssey 8.99

“... or this work is of men, it will come to nothing; but if it is of God...”
“(Heracles) is the only person in the Odyssey compared to “dark night” Samatia Dova, Greek Heroes in and out of Hades"

“(He was) a skillful and experienced hand at securing the favors of Fortune;”

“(Dubois) spoke so much of that festival, that we took a fancy to see it. Always the same story of Adam's apple.”

“(Aristotle's) ethical works include self-love as a kind of philia”

“(Achilles gave) up his ties to the Achaean (human) community in the name of his ties to the divine one.”

"Sprung forth a Pallas, arm'd and undefiled" Byron

“While he was still alive, but now he was held down by the black earth that covered him.” Iliad 2:699

"“Where one hero throws a rock at another, we should expect Aeneas to win the encounter.”  Nagy_Best-of-the-Achaeans.”"

“The might   and majesty   of the gods are more than ours, (Iliad 9. 499)

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