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TFBT: quotes and LInks, Part XIV

 “The bow (of Heracles) has never left Philoctetes hands; it is untouchable as well as sacred.”

“The blatant use of the patronymic “son of Cronus” is used , each time to denounce an abuse of power”

"“the apology of Agamemnon;  In effect, the goddess Ate “ made me do it”   Sort of like; "The Devil made me do it.”

“The anger of the children of Zeus is not in vain.”(Pindar, Pythian 9)  Look out Niobides!

“The anger of Achilles was preceded by ...Apollo, the anger of Meleager was preceded by.., Artemis” Best of the Achaeans  Chapter 6.14

“The Achaeans, faced with Hector’s challenge, hesitate ('cuz) not one of them is really the best of the Achaeans”

“The Achaeans slept night long with the soft bondage of slumber upon them.”Iliad 10:2
“The absent are in the hands of God” Dumas, Alexandre. “The Corsican Brothers.”
“That is what was fated for the sea-goddess to bear for a son, a prince stronger than his father.”  -Pindar Isthmian 8
“That happy age when one's inexperience is one's sole misfortune.”“The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt,

“Such a project I could only entertain in a moment of excitement and rage.” Casanova
“Strictly speaking, then, gods are not anthropomorphic, humans are theomorphic.” William F. Hansen
“Spurn allies, lord and you gain peril and lose love.”Euripides “Rhesus”

“Soon she rose up like gray mist out of the waves” Iliad 1:359
“So these twain circled thrice with swift feet about the city of Priam; and all the gods gazed upon them”

"A slice of the sacrificial victim's meat (is) called a moira.” Nagy_Best-of-the-Achaeans.”Moira=portion or share or fate"

“Since he hath found a blessed end, my children, cease from the lament.” Oedipus at Colonus

“Shew yourself to be in good spirits, for sadness does not become you.”Casanova, Giacomo. “Memoirs of Casanova" v14

“She will soon put lightning to that cloud of her tears.”Medea 106

“she was very pretty and celebrated for her intrigues; that was enough and she could turn me round her little finger."

“She was afraid that our absence would be noticed by her two Argus-eyed cousins, so she kissed me and left the room.”Casanova

"“She refuted all my arguments by the most complete silence.” Casanova, Giacomo. “Memoirs of Casanova"

“She (Hera) is also the only one to invoke the Titans or even mentions (them by name.)”The Transformation of Hera by Joan V.O’Brien

"Semele became immortalized as a direct result of dying from the thunderbolt of Zeus." Nagy_Best-of-the-Achaeans.”"

“See now, how men consider us gods responsible for what is after all nothing but their own folly.”Od 1:34

“Sadness is a disease which gives the death-blow to affection.”

“Rome is the one city in which a man can begin from the lowest rung, and reach the very top of the social ladder.”Casanova, Giacomo.

“Pyrrhos, (Achilles' son) becoming the ultimate victim of the sacrifice-butchered at the table of (Apollo)" Nagy_Best-of-the-Achaeans 

“Primordial Eros (whose) purpose is to help all future divinities emerge from the shadows into the light” The Wisdom of the Myths” Luc Ferry

“Praising him everywhere, which incited the malicious to vent their satire on the abbe; and thus I was avenged”

"Poseidon personally tells Aeneas that his death at this point in the narrative would have been hyper moran 'beyond destiny'.” Nagy_BA

“Pity is a debasing feeling which cannot find a home in a heart full of love.”

“Phoenix, old friend and father, I have no need of such honor. I have honor from Zeus himself” Iliad 9:606

“People want to know everything, and they invent when they cannot guess the truth.”

“People join organizations.  People leave managers.” Pastor Bill Hybels

“Peleus, a 2nd-rate hero w/the dubious distinction of having been defeated in a wrestling by a woman Atalanta.” Richard Caldwell p169

“Patroklus came out, equal to Ares, and that was the beginning of his doom."  Iliad XI 604
“Passionate people, are easier to protect oneself against, than someone clever who keeps silent.”Medea 319-321

"“One-on-one (Homeric) conversation establishes parity between the speakers that does not exist for other genres”"

“One should live so as to be able to proclaim what one has done.” Dumas, Alexandre. “The Corsican Brothers.”

“One ought to place a man where he can do most good.”Euripides “Rhesus”

“One may sleep with a man out of mere friendship, it is not so with a woman."  The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt,

“One could never have too much of a good thing," Casanova, Giacomo. “Memoirs of Casanova"
“Once that secret opening is ajar we may glimpse a wholly different perspective on our mundane realities”Ann Shearer in Athene

“Once a hero ceases to be epichoric, he may become a god.”Rohde I 184-189:

“On his intellect being enlightened by Bacchus he made his apologies”. Casanova

"olbios, “blessed”; which signifies their fulfillment as mortals” Stamatia Dova,   Greek Heroes in and out of Hades."

“Okeanos is...the prime mythical boundaries...delimit light from darkness, life from death, wakefulness from sleep..." Nagy_BA

“Of the endless evils plaguing Greece. None is worse than the race of athletes.” Euripides!   No wonder I don't like Euripides

“Of course, (in Ancient Greek) “nedus” means womb in the case of Rhea and stomach in that of Cronus.”

“Odysseus’ landing on Ithaca and his encounter with Athena marks a transition in the narrative.”

“Odysseus in particular is distinguished for the zest and skill with which he lies to virtually everyone.”"

“Odysseus himself, as he tells his tale, never calls on the Muses. “ Homeric Moment by Eva Brann

“Odysseus becomes the weaver of a fairyland.” page 31 Homeric Moments, Eva Brann

"“Odysseus and Elpenor become the archeytpical initiated and uninitiated.” Stamatia Dova,   Greek Heroes in and out of Hades."

“Oceanus dropped waveless and windless to his noonday bed and slept.” Philip Vellacott in Agamemnon

“Obligation to a thousand traditions and dedication to none.” Colin Low

“O goddess, daughter of Zeus, tell me, as you have told those who came before me.”(Od 1.10)  Homer admitting that others sang the Odyssey?

“Nowhere was there the slightest imperfection. She was like Venus rising from the foam of the sea.-Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt,

“Now that I have your arm, what will people think?" "that we love each other and that we make a very fine couple."

“Novelty is the master of the soul.”

"Noblesse oblige, but Antinoos crudely refuses...he is the very first suitor to be shot dead by the arrows of an angry Odysseus.” Nagy

“No, those who are really responsible are Zeus and Fate [Moira] and the Fury [Erinys] who roams in the mist.” Iliad 1.87 

"“No one who sins unwillingly is evil” Sophocles fragment

“No one disappears. They all come back like zombies,” Eli on The Good Wife

“No man with any sense should ever educate his children to know anything beyond what's normal.”Medea 292-294

“Never did I witness such a malign lust for blood as these demons of the outer air evinced” Edgar Rice Burroughs. “The Gods of Mars.”

"“Never again can I behold such men as Perithous and Dryas shepherd of his people...” They're all Lapiths! Nestor attend Perithous wedding?

“Nestor’s name means “returner”from nostos” Homeric Moment by Eva Brann

“Myths are the tales of truth masked in the drama of the human condition.”Richard G. Geldard

“My prerogative is ancient.”Erinyes in Eumenides

“My kine with trailing feet and shambling gait” Butcher and Lang’s Odyssey

“My heart begins to speak, I must go;" and she instantly rose.”
“Mortals need...some other way to get our children.There should be no female sex. W/that, men would be rid of all their troubles.” Medea572-5

“Moreover, reference to pollution (is) absent from epic” (compared to supplication in tragedy.)
“-mistakes which are not completely ignoble or shameful are juxtaposed with praise, they undermine envy.” Plutarch

“Miserable mortals, who come out like leaves in summer and eat the fruit of the field, and presently fall lifeless to the ground”.  Homer

“Men must die”Jasper Griffin

"“Men die much as leaves fall from trees.” “Nagy_Best-of-the-Achaeans

“Men can make up and ...receive the sacrament together...dogs will never eat from the same platter.” Dumas, Alexandre. “The Corsican Brothers.”

“Melodious words which skilled craftsmen join together.” (Pythian 3)  Pindar bragging about his poetry?  I always like Pindar.

“May not be described in any earthly tongue, and indeed might challenge the language of the gods.” Edgar Rice Burroughs. “The Gods of Mars.”

“May I some day see them dead in the ooze of flaming pitch!” Libation Bearers
“May I perish without fame, without name” (Hippolytus, Euripides 1028)

“Mankind would be much less miserable without either lawyers or doctors.”The Complete Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt.”

“Maidens’ banter and smiles and deceits and sweet delight and lovemaking and gentleness.” (Theogony 205-6)

“Madame Manzoni...who, believing in an immutable destiny, took pleasure in turning the leaves of the great book of fate," Casanova

“Lower than the sons of Heaven: lower than the Titans, sons of Uranus (Heaven), who were plunged into Tartarus.”

“Love with too much passion brings w/it no fine reputation, brings nothing virtuous to men.”Medea 627- 629  

“Love only laughs when two are present and thus…ancient mythology tells no story of the loves of the Graces, who were always together.”Casanova

“Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:8

“Love is a madcap who must be fed on laughter and mirth, otherwise he dies of inanition.” Casanova

“Love him so well, and you may lose the love I bear you.” Iliad   9:614

“Like to fresh Parthian crimson were her lips.”“EPIC TALE TÁIN BÓ CÚALNGE”

“Like all humans, Hesiod remains in the final analysis, the thrall to Hope and ignorant of Zeus’ plans” Jenny Strauss-Clay

“Leto, according to ancient interpreters, was...the shadow, therefore, of Hera, if Hera be the splendor of heaven.”

“Let us proceed quietly, and not encroach upon future events.”  Casanova, Giacomo. “Memoirs of Casanova

“Let the fountain from which I do not drink run dry.” Aesop

“Let him remain in error; it is better thus than to prove him in the wrong and to make a bitter enemy of him.”Casanova, Giacomo

“Let everyone take a turn prodding the fire.”

“Legality and safety requirements seemed to take a secondary place and it was up to me’ to challenge an unsafe job” (Gray, 2002, p. 157)

“Lead the way; I will follow even beyond the interior of Thrace.”  Heroicus 3.2

“Laughter sat on her lips but her brow was furrowed with care” Iliad 15. 101

“Keep traveling you swine; point your paunch against the sun’s setting.” Hipponax of Ephesos.”

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