Saturday, June 1, 2013

TFBT: Random Notes from Hour 11

Random notes from Hour 11 of the " The Ancient Greek Hero"
Helen wife of Menelaus interprets a “sign” favorably to Telemachos who replies at Odyssey15:180,  May Zeus, high thundering husband of Hera so grant it,” replied the spirited Telemakhos; “if it should prove to be so, I will make vows to you as though you were a god, even when I am at home.” Homeric foreshadowing of heroic honors for Helen? 

Odyssey 13:375 “Resourceful Odysseus,” said Athena, “noble son of Laertes and seed of Zeus, think how you can lay hands on these disreputable people who have been lording it in your house these three years, courting your godlike wife”   The suitors were only there for three years?   

Why did Odsseus have to visit Tierasis? What did Tierasis tell him that Circe, Athena or common sense didn’t already know?  Was this like the wizard sending Dorothy to the Wicked Witch for her broom? 

Starting at Odyssey 8:145,  Prince Laodamas invites Odysseus to join the games, Have a try therefore at something, and banish all sorrow from your mind…” Odysseus feels taunted because his mind is set on his cares and infinite troubles.  Then Laodamas friend Euryalos flat out says to wily Odysseus “I gather, then, that you are unskilled in any of the many sports that men generally delight in.” Followed by even more insulting comments about Odysseus manliness. Finally, “For shame, sir,” answered resourceful Odysseus, fiercely, Your ill-judged remarks have made me exceedingly angry … for your taunts have stung me to the quick.” So wily Odysseus grabs a discus, throws it further than anyone else and Athena disguised as a man in the crowd  says “A blind man, sir,” said she, “could easily tell your mark by groping for it – it is so far ahead of any other. You may make your mind easy about this contest, for no Phaeacian can come near to such a throw as yours.” Much-enduring great Odysseus was glad “  Looks like Laodama and Euryalos were the wily ones this day.  Talk about white-washing the fence!




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