Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TFBT: Random Notes from Hour 14

So that’s why I have short hair!  Heroicus 51.13 “Of all mortals who ever existed, [Achilles] was buried in the most spectacular way, what with all the gifts that Greece bestowed upon him. No longer could (the Achaeans] consider it a beautiful thing to grow their hair long, once Achilles was gone.”  In Hour 14 of “The Ancient Greek Hero" Prof. Nagy argues that the moment Achilles cut his hair at Patroclus' funeral along with all the long haired Achaeans,  that was the beginning of the end for the Heroic age.  The Greeks always kept their hair short after that. Except for the Spartans who thought of themselves in the Heroic age still.

Heroicus 9.1 “The nymphs generated these elms around the colonus, and they wrote, so to speak, the following decree concerning these trees: “Those branches that turn toward Ilion will blossom early and will then immediately shed their leaves and perish before their season - for this was also the life experience of Protesilaos - but a tree on its other side will live and prosper.”  Sounds a lot like the choice Achilles had at Ilion

Heroicus 3.2 “Lead the way; I will follow even beyond the interior of Thrace.”   Since Thrace is the land of hot-tempered red heads and witches who can pull down the moon; following someone to the heart of Thrace and beyond is saying a lot!

Heroicus 2.11”He himself also says these things. But how he returned afterwards too, he does not tell me even though I've wanted to find out for a long time. He is hiding, he says, some secret of the Fates.”  Is the sacred hero hiding what the Erinnyes hid by shutting Xanthus' when the horse was consoling his master Achilles?

Heroicus  1.2  Vinedr. Where are you going so proudly and ignoring everything at your feet?   Phoen.: I need a sign and an omen for good sailing”  Nagy says “ As Rossi (Filostrato: Eroico, 193) notes, a “sign” (σύμβολον) is any divination understood by the eyes, whereas an “omen” (φήμη) is a divination by either the voice of an oracle or the voice of a human appointed for the oracle.”

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