Thursday, June 6, 2013

TFBT: Random Notes from Hour Thirteen

“Easily he gives power, and just as easily he ruins the powerful. Easily he diminishes the distinguished, and magnifies the undistinguished. Easily he makes straight the crooked and withers the overweening”  (Hesiod W&D 5-7)  Aren’t there lines like this in the Bible?

“another thing I have to say.  I shall do it well and with expertise, and you should put it in your thoughts.  Here it is; the gods and men have the same orgins.” Hesiod W&D 106-108 

” their overweening pride [hubris] and violent insolence [biē] reach all the way to the sky.”   Odyssey 15:329  Is Homer talking about the suitors or Titans?

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