Monday, January 8, 2018

VftSW: Lympias

Writing about Julie C the other day got me thinking about “lympias”; Pilipino eggrolls. I made some at the party Julie and I attended.

My brother and I use to cook them up as hors d'oeuvre at parties. (Eventually, we discovered we could cook them ahead of time and warm them up in the oven.  As in the picture.)  It was so frustrating.  It took hours and hours to make and they were gone in seconds.  Once the first batch was ready, we would scoop them out of the grease, load them into the bowl and send some little cutie off to the buffet table with them.  She never got, literally never took a step, just turned around and they were gone.  Towards the end of the second batch people would start snatching them out of the boiling grease with their bare fingers!

Usually we’d cook them up about an hour into the party.  So at that party I attended with Julie C, I was thinking it was about time to cook them up.  I wandered into the kitchen and found three really stoned guys.  “Wow, man.  I don’t know what these are but they are really good.”  “Well, if you like ‘em now just waiting until I cook them.”  I don’t know if you’ve made lympias, but eggroll skinned that have been wrapped around raw hamburger and stored in the refrigerator for a couple of hours do not look appealing.  I’ve seen wood maggots on the fireline that looked more appetizing!


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