Monday, January 8, 2018

VftSW: Last Summer

Walking Derby this morning I recalled something that happen last summer.  Whenever we go out for a walk there is never anything interesting within the 7ft radius defined by the length of my arm and her leash.  No!  She always wants to investigate something just beyond the end of her leash.  And in the process tries to drag me into the ditch.

So last summer we went for a stroll.  We stopped at a wide spot in the road, an intersection actually.  This is where she usually does her business.  As usual she couldn’t find the perfect spot.  The ditch was over-grown with berry bushes.  So in addition to trying to drag me into the ditch I was getting pulled into the thorny bushes.  As we played tug-a-war, I heard a car pull up behind me and a door open.  As I turned to look, Derby poked her head out of the bushes to see what was happening.  “Oh, I didn’t see the dog.”  She explained.  She thought I was having a seizure.

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