Tuesday, August 1, 2017

TLTS: Quotes from Osiris Rising

He is one god or else two old men walking, leaning on their sticks, conspiring.
I have studied the manifestations of gods and men.
Let me hear what gods hear, see what gods see.
He can not be turned away, unless a man extinguishes his light himself, unless he casts out god.  If has cast out god, he shall die.  He will be nothing. And ill have been nothing and will be nothing and will have been nothing. He shall have never existed.
Process alone has significance.
May I listen to the voice of the Messenger.
I am Watched over by the goddess, as Isis concealed her husband in her curtain of hair. As she veiled his body in light. The fragrance of her pefume falls over me   Her hair! I am under its spell, drunk with love entwined in arms of splendor, born of magic, engendered in dream, caught up in the whirlwind of existence.
I shall not see such misery and love again.
What I have done needed to be done. What I said needed to be said,  No malice obscures the crystal pool of my heart.  No worms hide in the folds of my scroll. I have come to the other world a pure man. I am washed  and fasted.
I have been a desperate man, a man who lost his heart. I have been cowardly and without desire, until at last I called the gods and they lifted me up.
The honey I tasted, the lips I kissed, left their mark on me.
I am the reed from which words flow.
The heart is uncertain country.
May I walk with the sun till eventide, forgetting the reason of hours.
We make of ourselves in what we imagine.
Even great gods are bound not to interfere with a man's detiny.
In those moments of silence when desire and will are stilled, I know a god's purpose  

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