Friday, August 4, 2017

TFBT: A Little Magic

Odysseus is praying to Zeus for both an omen and a prophetic utterance as indications telling him that he will indeed prevail over the suitors. Zeus responds by sending both thunder and a prophetic utterance.  The utternace takes the form of a prayer uttered by an anonymous woman grinding grain with her mill.  She is not sure for whom the sign of the god’s thunder is intended, but she prays to Zeus that he should intend it for her too, by bringing to fulfillment the words that she now speaks.”  (A sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 20  by Gregory Nagy)

Here is a bit of magic I haven’t been privy to before.  In a moment of magic tag your wishes on to the primary prayer’s petition. Like poor Hindus unable to afford a proper funeral for their departed beloved tossing their remains onto the grandiose funeral pyre of a wealth man. When you see a falling star; make a wish.  In the presence of of God make a request.  In the presence of a saint, ask for a blessing.

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