Monday, August 5, 2013

VftSW; Another Reason for Reading the Classics

I’m talking to an old guy at coffee hour after church. Like most retires he says “I got so much to do, I don’t know how I got anything accomplished while I was working.” Over the years he grows frailer. Hearing aids plug both his ears. He has a touch of the palsy and the strength of voice comes and goes. He then mumbled something about not being able to get his contractors to finish up. I recalled vaguely he needed some landscaping done. He said every time he started something his daughter got involved for what she wanted to do. Knowing his daughter I could see her figuring on saving money for both of them by merging their projects. I could also see her making sure the work got done! I said so. He muttered several things as the volume of his voice waned, then loudly and firmly, “Worst mistake I ever made!” “What’s that?” “Giving her the house.” He said with a shake of his head and sad expression Ends up he had read some articles on estate planning and probate. That’s when he gave his sole heir and daughter his house. I thought she is taking care of the old guy, but the maintenance is now in terms of what she wants for the property not what he wants. End up I was wrong. “I would have had a new house years ago, without stairs.” He stated with emotion this time. As his strength faded again he confessed that he turned one of his businesses over to his son-in-law and now the old guy’s friends belittle him with how everything has gone downhill. I made a comment about reading “King Lear” more to myself than he. He didn’t get the literary reference. “You need to import yourself a Pilipino wife. She’ll look out for your interests!” That put the smile back on the old guys face!

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  1. Hi
    Your story has a lot of TRUTH and a little fun in it.
    We see sad things happening in our neighborhood.
    It is often old folks taken advantage of the opposit sex. Old folks are not any better than their children in using others.
    Often old folks can not make good decisions and the wrong people take advantage of them.