Friday, November 23, 2012

VftSW: We’d Foolishly Not Learned His Side

In my dream last night we helped a woman from church move out of her boyfriend’s trailer. She was sort of a friend of a friend. I didn’t know her very well. Ends up, none of us knew her at all. She stood 5’8” or so, appearing to be in her early thirties, slim-waisted and athletic figure. She quietly told people what to do with the boxes. We did not hurry, apparently not expecting the ex-boyfriend to return.
So, of course, he showed up. He was about the same height as her, a little beefy and brown haired. He didn’t seem at all threatening or aggressive. He didn’t try to push me out of the way or threaten to punch me. If he had it might have ended up better for everyone involved. He was young, innocent and heartbroken. I yelled at him to stay out and reminded him of the restraining order. Oh, I’m 6’1” and heavy. My aggressiveness startled him into tears. Pandemonium erupted behind me. I got distracted and he snuck by me. Iinside the trailer another guy man-handled him a little to keep him away from the ex-girlfriend. I got in between them too. That’s when she started talking to him.
Oh, great! This was just one of those scenes that some couples delight in throwing. We’d all gotten suckered into their little drama and now they were going to get back together. I left. Outside the cars of the helpers packed the drive way. I made my way through ending up walking along the ditch alongside the driveway. Some odd pieces of metal caught my attention and I bent to examine one. It was sort of like a metal arrow head. As I’d walked away I heard the heroine of this little scene say “If you loved me, you’d put this plastic bag over your head and suffocate. I’ll close my eyes.” Squatted down I heard him storm out of the place. She stepped to the door and taunted him, saying, “I’ve opened my eyes and you are still not dead.” As I stood, she bent to examine some of the little metal arrow heads over closer to the house. She never noticed me as she turned and went into the trailer, slamming the door behind her. I headed for my truck. That’s when I heard the screams, gunshots, yelling, more screaming and more gun shots. It wasn’t the heartbroken boyfriend. He’d peeled out already and his truck pulled around the corner gaining speed. I jumped into my truck, dialing 911. I was out of there before she figured out I wasn’t in the trailer.

There are two sides to every story and in my dream we’d foolishly not learned his side.

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