Wednesday, November 14, 2012

VftSW: Derby is a Quick Study

When Derby and I return from our evening walk, Hilde is in the garage waiting for us.  My Black Labrador hits the water bowl or tries to play with my wife’s Miniature Schnauzer.  The little salt’n’pepper princess only wants to sniff “The Black One” and that’s it.  I take Derby off the leash and put Hilde on.  We walk.  When we come back Derby meets us at the back door to the garage.  She tries to play with Hilde, while I fill her water and food dishes.  Derby eats. Hilde gets a treat. I go in the house. 

However, the last two days, when Hilde and I returned Derby wasn’t waiting for us.  She didn’t attempt to engage Hilde in play.  Rather he was sitting upright atop her bed.  She sat head up and sphinx-like, forepaws crossed at the “wrists”.  It was as if she waited politely for something. 

I finally called the friend who’d housed her the week before.  It ends up that she feeds her own dogs their medicine each evening by crushing it up in a spoonful of wet dog food.  If Derby sat politely and waited her turn she’d get her own spoonful, sans pill.  Derby is a quick study!

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