Thursday, November 15, 2012

VftSW: The Things Above

Something interesting happen with the dogs today.  Derby is so visual, she will stop to watch an eagle float by overhead and knows enough to wait for the mate to appear.  So, this happen with Hilde.  It was light enough to see, but Hilde always keeps her head down sniffing things and looking for a place to leave her mark.  As we approached the next grove of tree along the way, she started circling head down oblivos to her surrounding.  Her surrounding certainly noticed her.  I sat two streaks of  royal flush flash across the headwaters of the creek and then disappear behind the trunks of the their respective young alders.  Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the nervous shake of a tiny tail.  A small flew two feet above Hilde's head to reach a stout tree and then froze there in plain view.   With some signal unknown to me all three of the aerial critters scrambled higher into their assigned trees and came to roost safely out of range of Hilde's bit.  Not that she ever noticed.  Isn't it amazing how involved we can get with things below, and ignore the things above? 

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