Thursday, April 8, 2010

TLtS: Lotterhand

I am reading “Thursday Night Tarot” by Jason Lotterhand. The conversation has a lot more to do with it than some pretty playing cards.

He emphasises over and over again, that God gives us certain specialized skills and blessings unique to each of us. Then He calls us to use those blessing for the betterment of us all. How do you know what you are called to do? Follow your bliss. Do what you do best and be the best at it. Don’t let anyone stop you or tell you that instead of “that” you should be doing “this”.

Another interesting observation he has is that no one is born “bad”. Children with ADD aren’t bad nor handicapped they just don’t fit into our society’s concept of education which is sit still in a class room with your mouth shut. Being naturally, “loud and obnoxious” is not contrary to God’s intent, it’s just contrary to society’s belief that a professional office is quiet as a tomb and sterile as a labratory. Mr. Lotterhand was a very wise man.


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