Saturday, April 10, 2010

TLtS: A Difference

It was a gorgeous day. We went for a walk with the dogs in the sunshine. I've always said that my black labrador Derby can have more adventure in a morning walk than I can have all week. Crossing Hammer Slough, she stopped to look at some. The tide was high, the water still. Against the glare I couldn't make out anything, until I saw the ripples; little ripples headed out in big arcs. My eye followed them back to two mallards on the edge of the water. They barely moved, just fiddled about doing duck stuff. But, their ripples were now headed seaward.

We crossed Nordic and headed up Haugen. It had been awhile, since I walked along that street. I use to do it all the time on my way to work at the OMNI building. We stopped behind Bunge's house I commented that once upon a time the trees in the muskeg were so small you could see Sam and Linda's house from the street. Now you couldn't. As he continued on along the loop I was struck by the patch of alders growing in the muskeg behind the Marsh's where no alder should be growing. Then I recalled a winter long along when there was so much snow, the city boy's started shotting it out into the muskeg there. Plowed snow has sand it in. Apparently, that one snow dump years ago improved the site enough for the alders to grow. What a difference on act can make.

Once again proof that one little individual, one little act can make a far ranging affect. One person can make a difference.

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