Monday, June 26, 2017

TFBT: Quotes June 2017

 In What’s Up Doc? just before Judy rises from her bubble-bath like Aphrodite rising from the sea-foam, Howard says, “You bring havoc and chaos to everyone!”  Isn’t that just like Aphrodite?

“The stratagem of Odysseus in calling himself Outisno one’…it erases any previous claim to any kleos that the hero would have had before he entered the cave of the Cyclops.”  (A Sampling of Comments on the Odyssey Rhapsody 9, Gregory Nagy)

Fermi's Paradox; "Where is everybody?"

Hēraklēs, described here as autos ‘himself’, is in Olympus, together with the immortal gods and married to Hēbē, so that the vision of Hēraklēs that is seen in Hādēs is just that, an eidōlon ‘vision’,” A sampling of comments on the Odyssey Rhapsody 11 by Gregory Nagy 

“When (Odysseus and company) finally reach the sea again, from where they will navigate back to the island of Circe, this island is situated no longer in the Extreme West but in the Extreme East.. So, by implication, they will have navigated all the way around the worldA sampling of comments on Odyssey Rhapsody 11 by Gregory Nagy

"The oars toiled in a sluggish sea" Book 6 Aeneid

""The issue is not the guardian snake but the guardian snake's master."   Maya M

In today’s polarized climate of theism vs atheism" Matt Payne

ἔρξον ὅπως ἐθέλεις καί τοι φίλον ἔπλετο θυμῷ
Do as you wish and as was pleasing to your heart.

Amid the furor of an eclipse, recklessly trumpeted as discoveries in the adrenaline of the moment and preserved in the heat of desire, the felt urgency to make real what must be there.”  The Hunt for Vulcan  Thomas Levenson

I do not feign hypothese” Newton

Le Verrier had said go and look…there! And you will see…and someone searched…and everyone saw.”  The Hunt for Vulcan Thomas Levenson

Which is to say, merely a hugely difficult operation, instead of an impossible one.”  The Hunt for Vulcan Thomas Levenson

In current (Big Bang) theory, a particular kind of nothing called the false vaccuum.  False vacuums are regions of space-time that appear to be truly empty of phenomena, but through the effects of quantum mechanics can be populated, seemingly from nowhere by subatomic particles or energy fluctuations.”  (The Hunt for Vulcan Thomas Levenson)  Really?  This is 5000 years of scientific thought on the genesis of the universe?  Sounds a lot like Night arising from the chasm of Chaos, pregnant with the primordial forms of the universe.  Like the divine cow Audhumla in the bottomless abyss of Ginnungagap licking the universe into existence.  

"You are of more value than a flock of sparrows."  Matthew 10:31



  1. My fiction of course includes the word "hypothesis". Zeus eventually learns its meaning but initially thinks that this is the name of some obscure nymph.