Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MftNE: The Scooter

When I was a kid, I had a good buddy. We went hunting and fishing all the time. One spring he got a scooter. Not too big, but big enough to haul us around on the logging roads outside 'a' town. That summer we went hunting and fishing further back in the woods than ever.  He'd let me drive sometime. With the two of us on it the scooter couldn't go more than fifteen miles an hour on flat ground .  Faster going downhill.  I was driving that day, him behind me, we were headed for home going downhill on a blind curve. we didn't see the logging truck until the last second.

I ducked. My buddy didn't .  He didn't fare so well.  When I got out of the hospital I was like  a baby mom had to teach me everything for the first month or so.  Sometimes I think I got a bit of him still in me.

I told a few people that story.  What I don't tell folks; and don't tell my wife, the Judge, is I named my first son after that childhood hunting and fishing buddy.  The Judge thinks we named our kid after her father.  Ha!

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  1. How sad! I hope he was not his parents' only child. It is nice that at least his memory - and name - continues to live.