Saturday, May 13, 2017

Quotes May 2017

“Plato and Xenophon, his Disciples (who were envious Competitors for Learning,” John Beaumont, gent.;view=fulltext

“God’s grace is powerful enough to roll away stones and open tombs.  It opens locked doors of fear and closed hearts of doubt.“ Christ In Our Home April 26, 2017 

“There's a legitimate argument that the transparency of the feedback is too opaque . “  What?  “

Nestor not only had ὄλβος in his birth and marriage; he has also the opportunity of a sleek old age (λιπαρῶς γηρασκέμεν), accompanied by the presence of excellent children.”  Refusing an Odyssean Destiny: The End of the Iliad and the κλέος of Achilles 

“They stood as thick upon the flower-bespangled field as leaves that bloom in season [hōrā]. “  Iliad 2:468 

“the winds will have it so, and thou urgest against them in vain.” Aeneid 5

“Acestes high on a hill-top, amazed at the friendly squadron approaching from afar, hastens towards them, weaponed and clad in the shaggy skin of a Libyan she-bear. Him a Trojan mother conceived and bore to Crimisus river” Aeneid 5 

“It must noted, since the ancient tradition placed the fall of Troy in the month of June”

With sev'ral others of ignobler name, Whom time has not deliver'd o'er to fame.”  Aeneid 5 

“Dauntless he rose, and to the fight return'd; With shame his glowing cheeks, his eyes with fury burn'd.” Aeneid 5 

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  1. Bill,
    I start to suspect that epic poets, to elevate kleos, deliberately describe bad nostoi.