Monday, July 18, 2016

TFBT: Ben’s Curriculum, Part II

A nice, wild-haired young man named Ben, contacted me one day.  He was wanted to learn about Greek mythology in the esoteric sense.    It was an opportunity for our own personal spiritual growth by studying these old “truths”.   Here is the basic out-line of the curriculum for our one-on-one course. 

3.  East Meets West.  The concept of the “Yellow Peril” was not something new invented by Kaiser Wilhelm, but is a European notion as old as Homer.  The Poet Lycohron and Historian Herodotus both agree the trouble started with the abduction of women.  The Greek Princess Io by Phoenician sailors,  the Phoenician Princess Europa by Cretan sailors, Princes Medea of far Colchis by Jason and most famously Helen Queen of Sparta by Prince Paris of Troy.  Crete and Phoenicia aren’t that far from one another.  As the Greek world expanded the “Other” had to be found further and further away.  Both Lychohron and Herodotus make the Persian Wars part of this
on-going conflict.  According to the lost epic Cypria the war at Troy and the wars at Thebes were meant to be the wars to end all wars.  In Thebes the gods were divided into two camps, those supporting the destruction of the seven-gated city and those opposed.  The faction defending the city were called the “Tyrian deities” in the Thebaid.  Tyre being a famous Phoenician city.  At Troy the most avid defender of the city was Apollo Λυκηγενὴς (Il. 4.101) "born in Lycia”.  His mother was local mother goddess of Anatolian Lycia,   Apollo,  his mother Leto and sister Artemis are referred to as the "national gods" of the country as discussed by T. R. Bryce, "The Arrival of the Goddess Leto in Lycia".  The fact that Apollo became the principal god of the Hellenistic culture didn’t stop him (via his Oracle at Delphi) from continuing to be (anti-Greek and) notoriously pro-Persian during the historical wars. 

PS  Paint is (Peoples of Europe, Protect Your Most Sacred Possessions), by  the artist Hermann Knackfuss.  The allegory is of the European nations looking on as Archangel Michael points out the onrushing “yellow peril”.  Reported to be in the public domain  


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