Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TFBT: Proverbs from Medea

Hour 25, Harvard’s classical studies club is reading “Medea by Euripides.  We are reading the translation by Ian Johnston, he’s got a great site;  https://records.viu.ca/~johnstoi/ 

In preparation for our July 17,  discussion I’ve now read the play three times.  Here are some proverbs or at least statements that sound like proverbs.        

Medea “Love with too much passion brings with it no fine reputation, brings nothing virtuous to men.”        Medea 627- 629            

 "if Aphrodite comes in smaller doses no other god is so desirable."  Medea   630-31  

"Goddess, I pray you never strike me with one of those poisoned arrows shot from that golden bow of yours." Medea 632-4  

 “ moderation, the gods' most beautiful gift”  Medea 635-6  

 “For there's no affliction worse than losing one's own country.“ Medea 650-51  

“Even the gods, they claim, are won by gifts. And among mortal men,       gold works more wonders than a thousand words.”  Medea 964-5    

We mortals must bear our bad times patiently. “  Medea 1018  

 “What mortals need  is some other way to get our children.  There should be no female sex. With that, men would be rid of all their troubles.”  Medea 572-575  

 “Gifts from a worthless man are without value.” Medea 618  

 Creon to Medea “by feeling pity I've been hurt before”  Medea 348

  “Passionate people, women as well as men,   are easier to protect oneself against,          than someone clever who keeps silent.” Medea 319-321   

   “ Alas,  love's a miserable thing for mortal men.”   Medea 330

 “A guest of the city must comply, of course,”  Medea  222

 “ How stupid they are! I'd rather stand there  three times in battle holding up my  shield  than give birth once.”  

“No man with any sense  should ever educate his children  to know anything beyond what's normal.” Medea 292-294

“For I'm a knowledgeable woman. I make   some people envious.”  Medea 304-5

“Death comes soon enough  and brings and end to everything.       You should not pray for it.”     Medea  154-55   

   “ Old devotions fade,       pushed aside by new relationships.” Medea  76 
    “The pride of rulers is something to fear  they often order men, but seldom listen.”    Medea    120  
“She will soon put lightning to that cloud of her tears.” Medea  106 

“This passion of hers moves to some greatness.” Medea 183

“Those who live quietly as I do get a bad reputation”  Medea 217-8   

“Don't you know yet all men love themselves more than their neighbors. And some are right to do that “ Medea  110  

  “That's when life is most secure and safe, when woman and her husband stand as one.”  Medea  19-20
 “Young minds don't like to dwell on pain.”  Medea 61
 “when a master's lot falls out badly, that's bad for faithful servants, too”  Medea 68
“Jason the worst man in the world.” Medea 452. 

“lack of shame the greatest of all human sicknesses.” Medea  471-472

“Passionate people, women as well as men, are easier to protect oneself against, than someone clever who keeps silent.”  Medea 319

“I know her and fear her.” Medea 39 



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