Wednesday, August 1, 2012

VftSW: Big Gruff Co-Worker

My wife and I walked the dogs Saturday morning before heading out the road for breakfast.  The sky was blue, the grass tall and green, the breeze blew just enough to keep off the bugs.  We approached the end of the road where it turns towards the ferry terminal, when the big gruff dog that guards the corner came out.  His barks were solitary, loud and mean.  Neither my wife's salt ‘n’ pepper Miniature Schnauzer, nor my Black Labrador paid any attention.  The barrel-chested guardian of the bend in the road stared at them authoritatively, all four paws at the ready and tail held still.  But he never leaves the yard. 

I commented to my wife.  “It’s kind of sad.  Sometime after he is done barking at Derby.  He whines a little in hopes she’ll come play.” 

As Derby burrowed through the salmonberry bushes for fresh fruit I got to thinking about a co-worker of mind.  Someone called me at work one day with an issue that was marginally my responsibility.  I said, I’d handle it.  I could do so without involving my co-worker, but it would get back to him.  He’d be hurt that I hadn’t involved him upfront.  Plus it actually was his responsibility.  He really is looking out of the safety of the field going employees.  On the other hand his conversational pauses are suspiciously  long.  He is quick to explode.  Talking to him is just a pain, but his heart is in the right place.  So, I called and explained the issue. 

“Why don’t people call me about this stuff?”  he whined. 

I thought about playing dumb, but didn’t see the sense.  “Because you intimidate people.” 

After the usual overly-long pause he sighed. “I’ll take care of this.  Thanks for calling.”

Then the guardian of the field going employees’ safety wished me a good day and hung up.

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