Saturday, August 25, 2012

CofS; On the River Nass

The Crown of ShakesAs the white hot sun rose, a warm still day spread across the Inside Passage.  The Great hall along the Nass River stood almost empty.  Inside the Nass Hall on a masterfully carved cedar box lay a young woman of startling beauty.  She was the most beautiful, highest ranking woman in all the new-born world.  Her long black hair swept across her shoulder.  A finely woven new Raven’s Tail mantle half covered her.  The princess breathed shallowly, but slept soundly.  A small pet bird rested on her chest. She never heard the rustling of the great feather cape as sly Yetl entered, tossing his woven hat on the floor.

This Raven Spirit swept across the Great hall towards his uncles’ treasure chest.  From it he’d already taken; the Water of Life, the Sun, the Moon and the very Stars above.  Now, he returned for the thing he treasured most; the princess.  He stood a pace from the treasure chest and looked up at a high shelf.  He sighed to see it empty, but then his eyes fell back upon the princess.  Yelt however over her just a moment.  The bird flew from her breast chattering in alarm.  The princess awoke, gasped and stared into the eyes off her one true love.
Yetl wrapped her in the great black cape, whispered, “Yetlina.” And they flew away.
Nass, the River Spirit returned to the great hall shortly afterwards.  His slaves effortlessly paddled his enormous canoe up to the beach before the massive Nass Hall.  Warmed by the sun, Nass slumbered near the stern, until the slaves began to carry the canoe quietly up the beach.  With a smile upon his face, the River Spirit woke, hefted his heavy muscular frame from the canoe and strode into the great hall.  The squawking of the little bird made him stop just inside the door.  His eyes took on the look of obsidian and his mighty frame began to shake.

“My daughter! Yelt!”
His muscles began to tighten.  The blue vein in his forehead began to pulse .  His slaves scurried back to the canoe.  The River Spirit took a deep breathe.  Then his features and frame froze.  A sheepish expression spread across his face.  His glance rose slowly to that high shelf.  He smiled to see it empty.  His shoulder fell.  His facial tone returned to normal.  His slaves sighed in relief.

“Go and fetch my nephew; Gonaqadet, the Chief of the Sea Serpent Clan.  The one I just gave a potlatch for and gave the red crown in the shape of an orca decorated with seas lion bristles. “ he said pleasantly to his slave.  “I’ll have my revenge on Ytel yet.”

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