Monday, August 1, 2016

TFBT: Ben's Curriculum, Part VIII

11.  Lineage Versus the Man 

Several times in the Iliad characters point out that in comparison to the immortals, men are just like leaves on a tree that are there for a season and then wilt and die.  (Iliad 6.144 and 21.461)  How difficult it must be for a god to keep an eye on just one leaf in the flurry of the falling leaves in the autumn.  I wonder if the gods, rather than thinking about an individual “short-lived” hero like Achilles thought instead of his lineage the pious Aeacides? Here is my research on the gods confounding a man with his lineage and vice versa. 

Part II: The Trojans Princes 

Although not in the same category of "dear" or "pious" we might consider;  

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