Friday, December 25, 2015

TFBT: The Year in Review at Hour 25

 I think the highlights of 2015 at Hour 25  first and foremost were the incredible visiting scholars that seemed to visit us every two weeks at time.  They were all so interesting, so enthusiastic and put so much effort into their presentations.  Thank you!

On a personal note I was very flattered to provide guest blogs twice; “Helen’s Handmaiden” and “Beauteous Scarf”.  Thanks to the editorial team and Claudia in particular for helping to make this flattering opportunity happen. 

HeroesX.v4 was a big Hour 25 event for many of us.  Some great mini-essays from the board of readers and the students.

Iliad Live!   Many of us got to watch and listen.  Wow!

We have many varied working groups at Hour 25.  I spent the bulk of my available time with the Homeric Vocabulary Group. We meet twice a week for an hour, plus memorizing homework.  I came out of the study one morning and my wife   says, “That was a class?  Sure was a lot of laughter.”  Many thanks for the time and patience of my fellow Homeric Vocabularians; particularly Helene, Sarah (What kind of food do you hate, Bill?) and Janet.  Can’t forget the video contributions of Graeme, Greg and Lenny!  Check out my flashcards!   I know all these words!

When doing research for Hour 25 I often visit The site’s creator Aaron Atsma offers ready references on the Greek gods from the original texts.  I have always admired his well-composed, massive site.  I always wanted to express my thanks but could never find contact information.  Then I asked the club to help.  What a response!  Rob Jensen and others had him tracked down in a few hours and I finally got to communicate with one of my heroes.  I am still hoping we can convince him to do an interview or be a visiting scholar. 

Here is an interesting item marginally connected to the club.  Apparently, I use Atsma as a reference much.  Another fan unable to contact Atsma, contacted me and asked me to guide his readings in Greek mythology.  Naturally, I suggested Hour 25, but his interests were more philosophical and metaphysical in nature.  His name was Ben.  So we used Google Hangout every Tuesday for a couple of months.  His questions forced me to explain things I took for granted.  I had to arrange our conversational agendas and his readings in threads I had never thought about before.  Every session he would comment, “You are blowing me away Bill!”  My wife noted there how much fun I was having.  I noted how much I was learning.

Next to last, the Book Clubs!  The highlight of them was Argonautica, Medea and Antigone.My wife made me a crown out of cardboard and foil for the reading of the play “Creon” oh, I men “Antigone “. I think the guy gets a bum rap and I was hearken to hear the Greek students involved with the Antigone project felt the same.  

And finally, the friends I’ve met there.  We have conversations in the forums, Homeric Greek class, the book clubs, “hanging out” with fellow Hour 25ers and visiting scholars and other club activies.  I finally realized that many of the club members spend more time talking with me than my co-workers.  They are my people and Hour 25 is my virtual home.  

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