Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Derby Tales; Run of the Backyard

So, a few weeks back the weather was fine and I had a chance to patch some holes in the backyard fence.  My Black Labrador Derby tested my repairs and ever since had the run of the backyard rather then hooked to the run.  Labor Day was sunny and every time I checked on her, she was rolling in the deep grass at the far corner of the yard basking in the hot sun.  Yesterday, the day after Labor day was foggy, but Derby wanted to be left in the backyard.  She called it right, probably three hours into my day, the sun came out.   

This morning Wednesday, she wanted out again, which seemed like a bad call, because rain is in the air and in the forecast.  So, I put her in the backyard and she bolts for a big hole in the fence.  She stops and gives me the come chase me look and then runs off on her little route of the neighborhood.  I missed her at the front door of the people kitty corner behind us, she got distracted in route to the house three doors up from there where she visits as part of her route, I walked around calling for a bit, sat on the porch and finally gave up and headed to work.  

 I'd walked about a block towards the muskegs when I heard a horn honk somewhere behind, probably in front of my home.  I turned back and saw her in the distance.  It must have been spectacular to see, one of my neighbors driving to work stopped to watch my seven year old  70# dog run, tongue flapping, heavy collar heaving into my arms.  Of course that's not how it happen, she veered off at the last second and ran into a neighbor's carport .  He leaves food and water there for his semi-feral cat .  Derby was glad to finish off the contents of the cat's food dish. That's where I caught her and returned her home after her big adventure.   

Here's the interesting part of the story.  Remember in the beginning, she ran to a hole in the fence.  The hole was already there first thing this morning.  That means that at some point in the last two weeks, she found a weakness in the fence.  She's been getting out, going on her little route and return through the hole in the fence before I noticed.   

To quote my wife, "The little stinker!"

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