Saturday, March 2, 2013

VftSW: Ancient Advise for the Current Crisis

A fragment by Alcaeus of Mytilene on a Storm in the State; “I cannot understand how the winds are set against each other.  Now from this side and now from that the waves roll.  We between them run with the wind in our black ship driven, hard pressed and laboring under the giant storm.  All round the mast-step washes the sea we shipped.  You can through the sail already where there are opening rents within it.  The forestays slacken…” Here the fragment ends. 

But the citizens themselves in their wildness are bent on destruction of their great city and money is the compulsive cause.  The leaders of the people are evil-minded.  The next stage will be great suffering, recompense for their violent acts.”  Solon 

“I gave the people as much privilege as they have a right to.  I neither degraded them from rank nor gave them free hand and for those who already held the power and were envied for money I worked it out that they also could have no cause for complaint.  I stood there holding my sturdy shield over both the parties.  I would not let either side win a victory that was wrong.”  Solon






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