Thursday, September 20, 2012

VftSW:Mitt Romney and Me

In a speech back in May, Mitt Romney admitted to disregarding 47% of his once potential constituents.  I’d say he shot himself in the foot, but “in the head”, might be more accurate.  I also wonder about the Democrats releasing the May tape in September, rather than waiting until a little closer to the election.  Of course, the democrats probably know what they are doing.  I’m not so sure about Romney.
I, also, have given up on people.  I think of those “friends” who didn’t want to be my friend.  I think about people who wanted to be my friend, but regardless of their testimonies of affection that relationship was not good for me.  And I think about all those friends I gave up praying for.   I know we should pray unceasingly, but I am human I only have so much time on my knees.
 I also have given up on employees; those that couldn’t do the job, didn’t fit in or couldn’t show up on time.  But in all the years I’ve been a supervisor at work, officer in the volunteer fire department or chair of a committee at church, it was never half the crowd that was unreliable, maybe 5% got dismissed.
But, I never gave up on any of my co-workers when it comes to their safety.  I’m the safety officer.  Everyone wants their co-workers and themselves to go home at the end of the day in one piece.   Maybe they don’t believe in hardhats, but they know to wear gloves, because they once grabbed a Devil’s Club branch.  A specific staff officer might not be actively supportive of the safety program during budget discussions, but she while insist her co-workers buckle-up when they ride with her.  The supervisor whose crew has the worst safety record for the year is the one who will be most supportive and fanatic about my recommendations which will spillover onto the rest of his unit.  So, when it comes to safety, there is no one I disregard.  Everyone contributes; some in a small way, some in greater.
So, based on my life experience, Romney is wrong.  Everyone can contribute to making the world a better place.  Admittedly,  there are bad people in the world, but hopefully their supervisors (or the authorities) will handle them.   And finally I am never dismissive of my former friends because, they make great acquaintances, who in another time and place might be great friends again.

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