Sunday, January 1, 2012

TLtS: A Garden

“Buttercups heart was a secret garden and the wall (hedge)was very tall.” -William Goldman in the Princess Bride.

This way of looking at the world is based on a concept as old as the Garden of Eden. That our hearts are secret gardens surrounded by tall hedges. We can perceive our small world as hedged off from the greater world and each thing in the secret garden; flowing fountain, apple bearing tree, woman at the well, as symbols and ways of interpreting the events of our day-to-day lives.

Under the red sky of first dawn

Stand a large blooming fruit tree.

Her tips reach up into the sky.

Her trunk down to world and sea.

Who sits beneath the apple tree?

She is Magdaline, the fairy.

The tree in the morning light casts

a cool oasis for her soul.

Her heart is a secret garden,

its hedges thick and high, we know.

Through this strip of green herbage, strewn

between home and the wild unknown,

strode the thirsting hero Odin,

whom her mother had forbidden.

“Once in my youth, I gave, poor fool,

a warrior apples and water

and may I die before you cool

such thirst as his, my daughter”

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