Thursday, November 25, 2010

TLtS: To Fight the Wind

I dreamt a magic spell the other night for knocking down a breeze. First you kick a stone into the wind. Next you break a "cookie" into pieces. I call it a cookie, because it actually could be. It is the round symbol of Malkuth. In my dream it was actually a piece of round serrated tile. Whatever you've make it out of, it's circular and divided into quarters. The Northern quarter is painted citrine and represents earth (dirt). Sourthern fire and is painted black. (Black icing on a cookie?) Western segments is water and dyed my favorite color; russet. Finally, East, olive; air. You break off the appropriate chunch, in this case the olive piece and toss it into the wind. The wind should stop blowing. I suppose the same logic (?) would apply to stoping a rising river, putting out a fire and stopping a landslide!

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